No other way to put this – Jessica Tarlov is Dumb

There are people on the left that can attempt to articulate their ideology with a word salad that might be able to pass muster with a room temperature IQ, casually political, disengaged viewer that happens to tune into a show with pundits duking it out.

Tarlov is not one of them.

By any measure this bint is a dunce, and even the room temperature people can see it.

Never have I seen someone walk into multiple haymakers, like she does in this segment, and still sit there with an air of indignation. That’s the real mark of an idiot- not enough brain power to tell the body to lay down, they are unconscious on their feet.

A classic moment is when she brings in the argument about flu shots.

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  1. She really is dumb. When her index card runs out of words, she stops talking.
    It’s like throwing a blanket over the birdcage to make a parrot take a nap.

  2. Funny, Fox has been accused in the past (and today for that matter) of hiring only beautiful woman as readers, commentators, contributors and while that may be true they’ve never really been accused of hiring dumb ones and yet there sits Jessica. Unless they knew how stupid she was and used her to represent the left on the panel.

  3. @ scr_north
    You’ve obviously forgotten about the luscious Jehmu Greene. I have to admit, Jessica seems to have toned down her vocal fry a little and she’s washing her hair on a regular basis but yeah, she’s still a dope.

  4. Tarlov is bad, worse is the Liberal Sherpa, Cathy Areu, now that is a walking, talking idiot.
    If it weren’t for her reptilian brain, she would have to be reminded to breathe.

  5. @WDS, I stand corrected however I suspect she’s more of a sideshow attraction then a contributor on FoxNews which itself is slowing losing conservatives due to the influence of Murdochs sons who run the show now.

  6. What happened to Tamara Holder? The one that slept with Jesse Jackson. She was a real nagging ‘feminist’ who Hannity just loved to have on his radio show.

  7. Jessica Tarlick: The perfect example of pathological perseveration, also the perfect exampled of libtwit “intellectualism”.

    Glad to see there are others out there who have to “walk away” when she/it is a feature.

    @WDS: Maybe she picked up a gig for a shampoo commercial. Jemmu seems to have…

    And, HungJumper, maybe there’s an ENT specialist out there who can do something about that voice. Not sure there’d be much of a market though, since her voice is almost identical to all the other libtwit bints out there who have a microphone. I’m not so sure they’d want to change. Their voices seem to be like gang tats.

  8. @ scr_north, I just sent BFH a link that is interesting. Seems that Marie Harf is gonna be looking for a paycheck. Wonder if Phox Nooz will take her back?

  9. I’m so glad I don’t even know who the h she is. Don’t watch the news at all. Don’t get Fox on our cheap cable.

  10. Doesn’t Jessica Tarlov understand that if Ilhan Omar (d/moslem) and her “people” were in charge…..

    That Tarlov would be made to convert, be a slave, or be killed….?

    Oh…..Tarlov is a Jew…..I’ll bet she has only the option of being killed.

  11. Discussed here long ago. She’s a Douglas Schoen plant.

    Her Forever Quote
    ~Jessica Tarlov, FOX NEWS

    PS: Recorded from FOX NEWS broadcast. Does anyone want to see the clip?
    Room 222

  12. The stupidity is strong in this one. Actually when watching this jerk, I get the sense that her thought process is the core of liberal thought. That is why it is so hard to deal with them. The abortion discussion is classic. Conservative know that Dems desire the ability to kill children up to and including birth. That was discussed in detail a few months ago, but this nut acts like she never heard of the concept.

  13. I worked with an engineer from Israel on a project some years back and at lunch one day he told me Where The Fuk did all these liberal Jews come from…they must be from a parallel universe, didn’t they ever study history?

  14. O K. You’re right. Takes one punch to the face, then another, then another, and another. Doesn’t even have her dukes up. Ref would stop the fight if it was boxing. Total talking points deadhead. No one home. But, that has worked for the communists these last forty years so they’re conditioned to it. They haven’t had to reason, just to emote. Now that they’ve jacked things up enough that people are taking notice they’re flat footed when the reasoning starts.

  15. After seeing her a few times it became an unstoppable reflex to immediately change the channel or hit the off button.


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