South Carolina Representative Puts Lindsey Graham on Notice for His Attempts to Betray Gun Owners

BLP: Count South Carolina State Representative Stewart Jones as another opponent of red flag laws.

In a piece for The Hill, Jones called out Republicans such as Dan Crenshaw and Lindsey Graham for their support of red flag gun confiscation orders.

After all, these two are some of the most prominent Republicans backing these proposals.

In Jones’ view, these laws are “unconstitutional and goes against the very fabric of our Republic, eroding both due process and a person’s natural right to self-defense.”

The South Carolina State Representative argues that the passage of red flag laws “will be another blow toward our liberty, much like the indefinite detention provisions of the 2012 NDAA, warrantless wiretapping of the PATRIOT Act, metadata collection by the NSA, and the expansion of the unconstitutional FISA courts.”

Unlike most short-sighted Republicans, Jones sees the potential for massive abuses further down the line.

People should also be concerned that red flag laws will be used to target political adversaries and used against anyone that government officials may disagree with. President Trump, of all people, should know what it feels like to be wrongly targeted, as both the FBI and FISA courts were used against him when he ran for office.


9 Comments on South Carolina Representative Puts Lindsey Graham on Notice for His Attempts to Betray Gun Owners

  1. The people need to insist that if there’s no guns for us there’s no guns for them. Remove all armed protection from anyone taking our guns. Including the elite “senator.”

  2. He has been a member of the Rove/Obama UNIPARTY for 16 years. Tried to pretend he was a conservative since Don won. I think few were fooled by they leftist BWB BFF.

  3. Yet the cuckservatives are still dreamy-eyed about their Graham 2.Zero and Hannity has him on every other day FFS. The Grahamster loves the NDAA and had this to say “If y’all don’t have nothing to hide, you don’t have to worry.”

  4. Never forget Graham was McCain’s butt buddy and therefore a democrat. Someone should primary him with Trump’s endorsement.

  5. When the elites no longer have access to armed security and have to face day to day life unprotected I will still refuse to disarm. FOAD to all of them.

  6. To hear someone like Dan Crenshaw lend support to Red Flag laws is quite upsetting. Especially when they try to pass it off with some lame “oh, don’t worry – we’re Republicans and we’re going to follow due process when we confiscate your firearms” bullshit.

  7. Red flag is blatantly unconstitutional. Rights may not be removed without DUE PROCESS. This applies to the initial act, the removal of the firearms based on someone’s hearsay. No, and not. Unconstitutional regardless of the legalistic maunderings puked out to defend the act. No, not constitutional in any view. Allow this and accept disarmament of the people. Venezuela, here we come. Hong Kong, here we come. Soviet Russia, Hitler’s Germany, Kim’s North Korea. Here. We. Come. Molon labe, Molon Labe.


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