Overstock CEO Resigns Then Goes Public About Helping FBI Attempt To Frame Trump Campaign

Patrick Byrne, head of Overstock, resigned suddenly yesterday. He then went on four different major news programs claiming that he was recruited by the FBI to (more or less) get Russian national, Maria Butina, inside the Trump campaign. The assertion being that this was an attempt to link the Trump campaign with the Russians.

The NYT has done its level best to paint Mr. Byrne as a loon, without actually knocking down his story. Here

Conservative Treehouse’s Sundance indicates that many aspects of Byrne’s account does “align with what we already know about the DOJ and FBI activity during the 2016 election cycle, including the FBI operations.” More

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  1. Yeah, he looks nervous…y’know, that
    “I don’t wanna get Arkancided” kinda look.

    Shoulda thought of that earlier.

  2. Very believable, but not very convincing. He claims to have been offered a billion dollars to not go public with his knowledge of why the Deep State was spying on Clinton, Trump, Cruz, and Rubio. That’s not credible.

  3. Sorry, I’m a doubter. There’s something about his character that gives me pause. I’m not jumping on board just yet.

  4. Maybe his first contact with men in black was this week. Go public with the story we have written for you or else.

  5. Prior to Mueller making public his all fluff no substance Russian collusion report there were homemade signs made of bed sheets that populated Bay Area freeway overpasses that read, “Let Mueller finish”, and, “God bless Mueller” {perplexing since the left does not believe in God}. Where the left put its faith in Mueller, I am doing the same with John Durham, hoping against hope that he will put some teeth into retribution for FBI’s past crimes, furthering lending credence that our society really has devolved into the morass of, “Us against them”.

    I don’t expect punishment for the heavy hitters (Clinton and staff, Comey, McCabe) but that weasel Strzok had his paws in every unsavory episode of FBI malfeasance, he needs an orange jumpsuit.

  6. He’s a doofus, but he’s right.
    Except the part about fbi trying to blackmail hillary. They didn’t. They made it look like russians were trying to blackmail her and then he later realized it was the fbi trying to use him falsely to go after Trump.
    Anyway, I believe Papadopoulos said that they (FBI/0bama) were going to go after Ben Carson, too.
    Whoever won the primary, or was getting close, was going to be smeared with ‘russian collusion’.
    They already had the story written. They just needed a ‘star’. And Trump was it.
    And it was all paid for by hillary and the DNC with 0bama’s blessing.

  7. FFS… Fire everyone in the FBI at assistant director level or above in the DC office and HQ and repopulate those positions with senior field agents from other areas who actually have an interest in fighting crime instead of playing Stasi for the fucking DNC and GOP-E… JFC. Enough of this shit.

  8. Good thing Hillary got that order of Pre_ printed suicide notes this week she is going to be busy writing this week, next week she will be writing g nice condolences to the Families

  9. Gee Wally, looks like someone who thought he wuz a big wheel found out he wuz just a little cog in a much bigger machine!

    No kiddin Beave… if he’s waiting for me to give a fuck, he’d better pack a lunch and some beers cuz it’s gonna be a while!

  10. Well, if he soon ends up dead. We’ll know he was telling the truth. If he keeps living we wont know unless supporting evidence is found and revealed.

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