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No Sympathy For A$$holes

Guy Takes Near Fatal Leap Over The Fence At Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah

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And then there was this idiot—

This is my Brother Cole Wagenknecht. He did survive the fall. After 2 agonizing months in a coma, fighting sepsis from the infection in his 2 deflated lungs he made it through. His mind is still very good however his memory is a crapshoot. Wild that this is totally him. !!! Thank you Tina Zephier for calling EMS for the flight for life !!!

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  1. “Nope, too dangerous to try to get him out. The vultures and other critters will take care of the meat, and maybe the skeleton down there will discourage future a$$holes. And, hey, it’ll save a ton of money not having a funeral.”

  2. Thanks to these moronic idiots the Grand Canyon is fenced all over now.
    Modern people ruin everything!

  3. We stopped out there passing through and took in all the grandeur.
    In one area there were signs posted…

    “Do not stand close to the edge. Do not attempt to climb on rocks. People have died here.”

    That pretty much says it.

  4. Wiley E Coyote he ain’t. Just like all the morons annually who take a dive off the cliffs above Palouse Falls in Wash. state when they get too close to the edge despite the warning signs.

  5. You only get just so many hours of luck in your life, some people just blow it all away in seconds doing really dumb things.

  6. We used to live near Crater Lake NP. Every time we visited, we would see some dumb ass doing the same stunt. Several times a year one of them would fall over the rim (1000 ft to the lake). Unfortunately most of them would live.

  7. These idiots cost the taxpayers a lot of money which is infuriating. Life Flight helicopters and crews are enormously expensive, not to mention police and hospitalization. He looks like the type who carries no insurance so up goes a fundraiser or also coverec by taxpayers. Imbeciles.

  8. I’ve been saying all along, the jab is making people psychotic, acting irrationally. At least he only hurt himself and not others.

  9. Goldenfoxx, there may some validity to your comment, but the fences around those stoopid spots were put up long before the jab was created. Too many idiots don’t need the jab to be idiots.

  10. Fucking attention whore.
    Let’s hear it for the actual brave souls whose job it is to rescue morons from themselves, instead of putting the morons on page 1.

  11. @stirrin the FJB Pot: But it takes a stupid person to jump over the fence and test out his stupid skills. I can’t remember another time in my lifetime where crazy gets crazier. There’s something causing people do do stupid stuff….Biggest complaint I’m hearing is all the mentally ill people walking around, and it’s gotten worse in the last 2 years.

  12. I couldn’t even watch the video! I’m convinced that people often ignore warning signs because they are just self-centered, selfish people who refuse to understand just how much they wreck the wilderness experience for those of us who do obey the signs. Even when there is no apparent danger, like “stay on the trails” they’re put there because, over time, if no one stayed on the trail and started wandering all over around the trails, the pristine beauty of what you’re looking at around the trails gets stomped to death and there’s litter everywhere. Selfish, stupid people treat public spaces like their own, private spaces and to heck with everyone else.

    I about ruined a long road trip for myself by buying a book at the Old Faithful Inn bookshop, titled “Life and Death in Yellowstone.” Chapter after chapter of the 300 ways you can do yourself in at the park, staring with gruesome accounts of drunk tourists taking “a dip” in one of the many sulfur pools, mud pots and hot springs. You can parboil yourself alive in about 2 seconds.

  13. Our family was coming up from the bottom of one of the main trails at Bryce as a pretty big lightning storm was moving in overhead. We slowed our pace and hung around well below the rim, but there were about a dozen people at the rim and right beneath the storm who were having a hi-yu time watching the storm come in right over the top of them. It took a couple close lightning strikes to clear them out.

    I remember we told our daughter not to grab onto the metal handrail on the trail (which was connected all the way to the rim of the canyon), and there the storm watchers were; leaning against a big, fat steel handrail.

  14. I was there in 2015. A few weeks before, one man died in a fall. I took a picture of some idiot standing on a not-so-secure rock jumping up and down. Took the picture and walked away. Didn’t want to see him fall.


  15. @grayjohn August 13, 2022 at 11:14 am

    > Death wish morons ruin it for everyone.

    Not all morons are Karens.


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