They Raid Trump Home For Nuclear Documents… But Never Forget… – IOTW Report

They Raid Trump Home For Nuclear Documents… But Never Forget…

I want everyone on the left purged.

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  1. the day of reckoning is coming and the longer it takes to get here, the uglier it will be upon arrival

    can you hear the people sing, it is the song of angry men…

  2. Deprivation is the key to liberals doing stupid shit that culls them.

  3. Nothing in the warrant mentioned nuclear anything! If there was any scintilla of concern about nuclear documents, one would think they would have moved on it immediately instead of waiting almost 2 years! No, this is all about spreading bullshit to rile people up as retribution for Trump filing a RICO lawsuit against Hillary Clinton, the Democratic National Committee and a whole host of others back in January of this year. Remember when Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) warned that the intelligence community has “six ways from Sunday” of getting back at Trump for doing things that they didn’t like? Well thanks to the propaganda we now have people talking about assassination, execution and digging up Ivana!!

    -> Former CIA Director Michael Hayden seemed to endorse the execution of former president Donald Trump on Thursday after a report indicated FBI agents were searching the former president’s residence for classified documents related to nuclear weapons.

    -> Hollywood D Listers are parroting the same things!

    -> The Bought & Paid For, Knee-Pad Media is only too happy to run the manure spreader in high gear!

    We’re headed for a very bad place!!

  4. And if this raid does not produce the desired result, what will the elites try next?

  5. Purged – as in (hopefully) Stalin’s purges?

    Execute the more serious malefactors and send the rest to Asparagus Farms in Northern Saskatchewan.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  6. Aaaannnd furthermore – if these documents were so incredibly sensitive and secret that the FBI had to conduct an armed raid of Trump’s home in order to retrieve them, how come the press is allowed to know the nature of the documents? These documents are apparently too sensitive for Trump to possess but not so sensitive that FBI agents can’t show them off to the media? WTF??

  7. When Trump left the White House he could declassify anything he wanted.. the fix is in.

    Also, in case you missed it, our DOE just handed the Chinese the designs for a revolutionary new battery that can power a home for a year. I’m wondering if the. Chinese already own us.

  8. Some idiot on social media was arguing that the DOJ had to have something really big to get a judge to sign this warrant, because a judge wouldn’t sign a warrant when it was a former President if it wasn’t.

    They were too stupid to know for one they haven’t released the probable cause for the warrant. The judge is not really a judge, he’s a magistrate appointed by federal judges. He’s tied to Epstein and hates Trump. He was so biased he recused himself from the civil trial.

    There are already 3 ethics complaints being filed against him from what I’m reading.

    POTUS declassifies at will. Trump did not pack these boxes. To be honest Trump probably didn’t even know what all were in the boxes. Because of who the magistrate is and because he seen at least some of what the evidence would be against Trump’s defendants in the civil trial, he knew what they needed to look for. Trump is going to have that evidence in a secure location away from prying eyes. So no way they got it unless him and his attorneys are totally stupid.

    I would say though some of his attorneys aren’t very smart, those two who showed up at his house I would lump into that category.

  9. Some idiot on social media was arguing that the DOJ had to have something really big to get a judge to sign this warrant…

    Sure thing…
    They has something “really big” for the Fisa warrants!
    They has something “really big” for the Russia Collusion hoax!
    They has something “really big” for Impeachment #1!
    They has something “really big” for the impeachement #2!
    These Communists don’t need anything big, small or otherwise. Just a burning hatred for the man who would fire them if he ever got back in office!

  10. Brad – I’m wondering if the Chinese already own us.

    I’ve wondered about that for quite a while. When you look at what has been done to our country in the past year and a half, you can only come to the conclusion that these actions are exactly what an enemy would do!
    1 Destroyed our Energy sources
    2 Destroyed our Military
    3 Destroyed our Foreign Policy
    4 Destroyed our Police forces
    5 Destroyed our big cities
    6 Destroyed our Southern Border
    7 Destroyed our entire Immigration process
    8 Destroyed agreements
    9 Destroyed the World’s confidence in the United States of America!
    10 Destroyed the Manufacturing Supply Chain
    11 Destroyed the Economy with raging inflation
    12 Destroyed the Dollar
    13 Destroyed the Stock Market
    14 Destroyed employment
    15 Destroyed small businesses
    16 Destroyed food distribution centers
    17 Create a baby formula shortage crisis while making sure Illegals have plenty.
    18 Enabling school shooters and blocking the addition of school hardening.
    19 Exploding crime wave due to “Defunding the Police and turning violent criminals loose.
    20 Lie about everything: “Inflation is good” “More Americans feel financially comfortable now than any time since 2013”
    21 “We are not in a recession” (typical Communist propaganda)

  11. If you read the warrant they were suppose to leave a copy of it and the items taken with P. Trump or his atty. It was so broad that it covered any thing that came from his time in the White House even Christmas cards or letters from us Americans,that is why they were there for nine hours.
    FBI is asshole and the rest of them.

  12. 22 All the land purchases near military installations

  13. They raided President Trump’s home because he was going to go nuclear with coup documents.
    It’s the only thing that makes sense.

  14. Trump as President has the highest Security Clearance and it does not change when he leaves office. He sets the classification of documents and removes them when he decides, even if not notified to all government groups. If the Biden Admin changes classification of any of the documents Trump has they must notify Trump. Trump moved documents and other things from the White House to his home Security Office that is protected by Secret Service.

    In 1987 the Supreme Court during a case ruled that present and past Presidents are under no law for security as they have the highest Security Clearance and it does not change, and they set and remove classifications of all government agencies and documents.

    Trump has been in contact with the government and the National Archives about what he has. In June the FBI came to his home, went through the documents and took back some classified documents, they were monitored by Trump’s Lawyers and Secret Service, and as they sealed the boxes and locked the room Trump told them if they needed anything else to just contact him.

    This raid was not for documents it was likely to plant something or try to create a cause to submit a criminal case so they can keep him from running for office. This will not be valid since it has already been set by SCOTUS, but is likely to be used as a MSM tool.

  15. TRF

    Things are not good. These people perpetrating crimes against our country will go down in history as mentally weak traitors. Saving the country is now left up to the average guy. And we don’t have long to act. I’ll be surprised if we have the midterms

  16. Brad, an old war vet keeps telling me we need somebody to organize all of us average guys, because there are many willing fighters, just nobody knows where to start.

  17. ORW

    He’s exactly right. The problem is you get three guys together with guns and one of them is a Fibbie. They’re doing a really good job from keeping us from getting organized. I use to think the Oathkeepers would fill that role. But they destroyed them. Small teams may be the answer. But your average guy isn’t going to pick up a weapon and go on the offensive. Nobody wants to commit criminal acts. I dunno what the answer is. It might be some of our recently retired vets. I know one thing, arming up with an AR and going after a specific target, like that guy just did, is stupid. A hunting rifle would be much more effective, if you catch my drift.
    And most militias are full of dirt bags. No thanks

  18. The left always accuses the right of crimes the left has already committed. It’s called projection. President Trump could not possibly have any secrets the Clintons, Obamas, and Bidens haven’t already sold to our enemies.

  19. If the warrant said “nucular documents” we’d know George Bush was behind it.

  20. When we run out of lamp posts, we will start using trees…..

  21. you know…if it was me…i’d probably change those nucular codes when the president changed. jus sayin

  22. “nucular documents” thats how Trump spells like a 5 yr ole.

  23. A president can NOT declassify nuclear documents.

  24. @Brad August 13, 2022 at 11:51 am

    > I dunno what the answer is.

    You do. But like “all the rest”, you don’t want it.

    That’s why nobody who could give it to you, answers “the call”.

  25. I am very afraid & I don’t typically afraid easily. We keep hearing about a “red wave” coming in November. Don’t bet on it. I hate to say it, but this generation of democrats know how to play the long game, changing the rules as they go. The spineless republicans lay down & take it like the French, fearing they will be called conspiracy theorists or any other number of slurs by the media hacks that they are always sucking up to. In the next few month’s we will see Donald Trump arrested. The F.B.I has already planted the “evidence” they need to do this. The lefties get their wish & will turn out to vote in droves, thinking the husk is actually good for something, after many false starts. That creature in the picture above says everything about this regime of fools. They are playing to the lowest common denominator & will do anything, legal or not to maintain power. These government agencies, Biden & the rest of the democrats are out of control & want all of us to know that if they can get to a former president, just imagine what they can & will do to you if you even think about speaking out against them.

  26. just lay back and think about england…….

    in other words, we are screwed…..

    they want us to fight back, so they have an excuse to crack down before november..and if we don’t fight back, they won’t crack down until after november…..

    either way, prepare, cause the crack down is coming…..

    even if we win bigly in november, they will have two and a half months of lame duck to pass all manner of evil…..with nothing to lose…..not like they haven’t done it before, eh?


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