No Sympathy For Smug Baldwin

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  1. It stands to reason that Baldwin pointed the prop gun at these people and fired. Should never do that. Prop gun or not.

  2. No punishment, either. Except maybe for the guy who was in charge of the prop gun. Two tiered justice system.

  3. Hope he is humbled to reach out to God and finds Him. Dislike the man as he was but hope God changes his life.

  4. Two possible scenarios:
    1 – He was filming a scene that required him to pretend to be aiming and shooting and they were in the line of fire. Poor judgment of all involved.
    2 – He jokingly aimed it and pulled the trigger, being the ignorant smart ass that he is. That is negligent homicide that is entirely his fault.

  5. I remember the angry voicemails he left for his 11 year old daughter.
    This “man” has a well-documented anger against women that goes back years.
    He picked up a gun, albeit a prop-but still a weapon, and engaged in gunplay. He is 1000% responsible and should face prison time.
    As it is, I won’t hold my breath.
    The victim is already being lost in this story.

  6. Not me October 22, 2021 at 9:25 am

    Hope he is humbled to reach out to God and finds Him. Dislike the man as he was but hope God changes his life.

    Fortunately or unfortunately, liberals are never humbled, they walk in lock step with each other. I don’t know what’s going to happen to Alex, probably nothing. We’re seeing a lot of of getting away with murder under this evil regime we have. We shall see.

  7. According to ABC news yesterday (I know, I know) the shooting took place AFTER filming concluded for the day. So my earlier assessment is probably correct; he was horsing around an pointed it at the deceased, and fired. He would be at least civilly liable if not criminally.

  8. If liberals KNEW more about guns instead of telling US every stupid opinion they have about guns he would have known to NEVER point a gun at someone, even my 10y/o nephew got it in his head his first day to assume the gun is loaded and could go off.
    Baldwin has been an arrogant liberal fuckhead his entire life; now he is a MURDERER.

  9. You know, without any specific information we don’t really know if he pointed the gun at someone or if it had a malfunction and blew up sending shrapnel. I’ve seen it happen twice. Once with a pistol and once with a rifle and you can Google the shit out of it if you want.
    I can’t stand that cork-sucker but if we hang him too early we start looking like the Left.

  10. Well, after reading a few articles it appears that the story is that he pointed it at the Film Director (for an undisclosed reason) and fired with the projectile passing through her and into the Director. If he was instructed to do so then the blame probably lies with the armorer. If he did it just be cause he’s a dick then let the hanging commence.

  11. He probably did it on purpose as to him the life of one person is small potatoes compared to getting another anti-gun crusade going!

  12. The lying media kept repeating that they knew nothing about the incident but, continued to say it was “accidental”. Another desperate cover up?
    Why would a gun be pointed at the Cinematographer and Director?
    What is Baldwin’s relationship to either of them?
    Who witnessed the shooting?
    The shooter is a hateful, angry man with a long list of problems.
    Putting it bluntly, the shooting is begging for an investigation.

  13. I don’t think he’s got much to worry about if it plays out as it very well may.

    Progressive actor (this, we already know)
    Progressive prosecutor (a very real possibility)
    Progressive judge (a very real possibility)

    The only thing he’s got going against him is that he’s white. (Or appears to be white, we don’t know if he self-identifies as white or not.)

    I’m white but you can color me jaded.

  14. So Alec is now a mass shooter. But I’m sure they’ll end up twisting this into a need for gun control. Lets see if the official narrative even holds.

  15. These are the NEW RULES the leftist asshole’s want.
    “Well, he got it, I don’t like it…any more than you”

    I do fell terrible for the family of the lovely woman Alec KILLED:
    Halyna Hutchins (1979-2021)

  16. When I took a gun class a 100 years ago, the instructor was a female former Marine. Aside from being told over & over to always treat your gun as if it were loaded, whether it was or not, the thing that I remember most was when she said NEVER point your gun at ANYTHING unless you truly mean to kill in that moment. I hope that Alec Baldwin is charged, prop gun or not does not matter, as even prop guns have gun powder in the rounds. Sounds like murder to me.

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