NoKo is back in the Opium business

“’In its early stage, the Kim Jong-un regime declared a war against drugs, getting rid of poppy fields,’ Kang Cheol-hwan, president of the defector organization, North Korea Strategy Center, told Yonhap News Agency last month. ‘But now they are cultivating them again.’  


11 Comments on NoKo is back in the Opium business

  1. NoKo is back in whatever business ?
    Who cares !
    NoKo has been in the counterfeit currency business for decades.
    With O’Bama doing nothing.

    Time to take out NoKo
    for they have no right to destabilize
    any economy.

    The Kim dynasty has no right to exist !

  2. Opium. Finally an article I can relate to.

    Why? Because this whole site is unrelatable, on an aesthetic level. I have no idea what the hell happened to this place but am considering a Kurt Eichenwald style lawsuit due to this sites layout causing….um… brain hemorrhoids and probably sterility.

    The hell are all the funny pictures and snarktacular comments? Where’s the hall of fame and my well deserved place of honor in it?

    Man, this is more heart jerking than the end of Shane.

    But yeah, opium. mmmmmmmm

  3. Me: Bitches about aesthetic layout and lack of a “me” shrine.

    You guys: …..

    I’m not actually sure what you guys wrote since I never read anything anyone else writes.

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