Why isn’t it Orthodentics??

I’m walking along, annoyed, like I usually am, and I see a big sign- ORTHODONTICS.

Yes, I’ve seen this my entire life, but suddenly it pisses me off.

Why not orthodentics?

Why not orthodentist???

And why isn’t it Vaginacologist?



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  1. OK, as you know, i’m half Greek and I also slept outside a Holiday Inn last night.
    Let me try to piece this together…

    Dent = Teeth
    Ortho= Bone, Dontia = teeth also. So I guess the doctor is checking out the teeth and the structure of your mouth.

    Gyna= woman
    Cologist …. I don’t know, ecology? lol.
    Study of women’s bacterial bidness?

    Glad I can help. No charge.

  2. “Is a zebra black with white stripes, or white with black stripes?

    Where’s your Greek now?? ”

    Zebra means “Wild Ass” and it’s not Greek. It’s Portuguese.
    *Struts* Yeaaah, that’s right.

  3. Vietvet, MJA – I’m not lookin’ it up. No way. I clicked on that stupid sheepf*cker vid earlier and I’m already going to have trouble sleeping. No counting sheep for me tonight!

  4. Well, I’ll be the jerk who takes the question seriously. The “dent” root with an “e” comes to English by way of French, Old French, and Latin. But the original Greek root for tooth is ὀδούς with an “o”. So, the “dont” is Greek and “dent” is Latin and they’re so similar they most likely have an early common ancestor, but I don’t see it right off. But that’s why we have dEntists and orthodOntists.

  5. I get pissed off every time I see a USA Today newspaper. How do they get away with calling it “USA Today” when all the news in it happened yesterday?

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