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Noncombatants Told to Leave Rafah

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Israel is preparing to launch what is expected to be a massive ground operation inside Rafah, a city in southern Gaza where some 1.5 million Palestinians have taken shelter. The Israeli army has begun ordering tens of thousands of Palestinians living in the city to evacuate.

On Monday, Israel’s Defense Forces ordered an evacuation of Rafah, signaling that a long-promised ground operation could be imminent. The Israeli army has described Rafah as the last significant Hamas stronghold after seven months of war, and its leaders have repeatedly said clearing Rafah is necessary to defeat the Islamic militant group. More

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  1. One humanitarian egress only: to leave, by way of “drop trou” on the way out. Then level it. Stop trusting a society that believes in lying.

  2. It would seem Iran has let Hamas down once again by ill preparing them to wage war. Thus they have to hide among the civilian population – once again – and look like the cowards that they truly are.

  3. I wonder how Israel will do it. Seabourne assault, maybe. Could be the biggest such thing since the Korean War.

    In 1965 or 1966, a bunch of US Marines landed on a Vietnam beach, but it was mostly for show. There was no opposition. The VC wisely decided not to show up.

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