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Surfers Murdered for Their Tires

Fox News

Mexican authorities say two Australians and an American were killed on a surfing trip because thieves wanted the tires from their truck. Relatives of those killed confirmed their identities on Sunday, the Associated Press reported. More

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  1. The Presidente of Mehico was quoted as saying, “If those stupid Gringos would all go get second jobs and send us the money we’ll stop killing them.”

  2. Very sad but the simple truth is that Mexico is a shithole, a dangerous corrupt crime riddled shithole on scale with Mogadishu, Cape Town or Beirut, and anyone that still vacations there is an idiot.

    I put Mexico even higher up the ladder of “America’s enemies” than China. Illegal immigration and fentanyl deaths are all facilitated by Mexico and a more adversarial position with them must be adopted.

  3. Brad- interesting comment. In many ways, with all money that gets handed out both internationally and domestically, the over-taxed payer has been turned into the slaves of the world!

  4. Harry Eyeball

    That’s exactly where they’re taking us. You damn Americans have toooo much. So give us some. And they get indignant and pissy when you say NO. Just wait until you see next years tax schedule. It’s guaranteed to blow your mind. And personally, I work damn hard for my money.

  5. I cannot imagine the grief of the parents losing two sons. The other friend was getting married in 3 months. Sad, just terribly sad and shocking.

    Did anyone try to talk them out of going? Isn’t there surfing in Australia?!? The coast of California? Hawaii?!? I just can’t comprehend the thinking behind going on this trip. No awareness of the world around them?

    Did they go for Instagram likes?!?

    We went to Mexico a few times 20+ years ago. Our last trip was to Playa del Carmen. Our luggage was rummaged through. Later, our credit card stolen. They spent 17K at “SkaterWorld”. After seeing the military at Costco and on street corners…nope, never ever again.

  6. I have the perfect solution to retiring these tire stealing bastards, necklace them with the stolen tires and light them on fire like they did in S. Africa. Problem solved, and they should’ve never been in Mexico in the first place.

  7. My last trip to Mexico was in the late’70’s. We had a nightmare of a stop and encounter at a gas station. I got the heck out of there but the rest stayed behind and later ended up buying their way out of a local jail. Forget it.

  8. My last visit to Mexico also was in the late 70s. After many trips down, driving, busing and trains, the Federale shakedown was the last straw. Great beaches, fabulous seafood and Sol ponies just ain’t worth it.

    Now? Are you fucking kidding?

  9. Back in the 80’s we ALMOST put a sportfisher down in Cabo. We were down there a lot and the Sea of Cortez is one hell of a fishery. At the time I was taking a print subscription to Salt Water Fisherman. The month before we were ready to pull the trigger on this adventure Salt Water Fisherman Issues a front page warning to Americans putting vessels down in Mexico. The local popo were planting drugs on the boats, jailing the owners, confiscating the fiber glass.
    I’ve met some great peeps down there while on the water. But truth be told, it is a war zone.

  10. I hate the place, although I have met some very nice people on business trips down there.

    Those surfers may have been safer off in the Great White Shark infested waters off South Africa’s southern shore.

    Not the city of Durbin/Durban(?) though, a terrible shit-hole, I have heard.

  11. Mexico’s 150 million people have turned a beautiful country into a nightmare. Very sad. Most of Latin America is a dumpster fire. I’ve seen enough of it to convince me.

    I give Latin America credit for staying out of Europe’s wars, except, I think, for a small contingent of soldiers from El Salvador. Why? I haven’t the foggiest notion.

  12. My Dad thought of retiring to Mexico in the late early 80s. There were American expat enclaves in the mountains where it wasn’t so hot. Sometimes I think of moving to Costa Rica. When the SHTF there won’t be very many safe places.

  13. Yes….Mexico is a dangerous corrupt cesspool and only idiots willingly travel to Mexico. Been that way for pretty much forever. The sad reality is that many places in America are now becoming just as bad as Mexico.

  14. FACTS:
    1) Three adult men who spend their time traveling the world surfing instead of working proves they are liberals.
    2) They went to an isolated dangerous place to camp and surf thinking they would be safe since they support illegal immigration because they are liberals.
    3) They FO and they Found out.


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