Not well covered by the MSM- What was the first meal on the moon?

What was the first meal on the moon?


It may surprise you to know that it was bread and wine in a one-person celebration of the Lord’s table. As Neil Armstrong respectfully looked on, fellow Apollo 11 astronaut, Buzz Aldrin marked the incredible occasion by celebrating Holy Communion — communing between him and God. This was before they stepped out of the “Eagle,” the lunar module, to walk around on the moon.

In the October 1970 Guideposts magazine, Aldrin relates the experience, “For several weeks prior to the scheduled lift-off of Apollo 11 back in July, 1969, the pastor of our church, Dean Woodruff, and I had been struggling to find the right symbol for the first lunar landing.”

Buzz Aldrin was an elder at Webster Presbyterian Church in the greater Houston area.

Pastor Woodruff told him that, “God reveals Himself in the common elements of everyday life.”

That would include bread and wine, the elements of the Lord’s table, a celebration of Christ’s death on behalf of sinners.

The idea of communion on the moon was Aldrin’s. He writes, “I wondered if it might be possible to take communion on the moon, symbolizing the thought that God was revealing Himself there too, as man reached out into the universe. For there are many of us in the NASA program who do trust that what we are doing is part of God’s eternal plan for man. I spoke with Dean about the idea . . . and he was enthusiastic.”



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  1. The libs will call it racist or sacrilegious or anti-transgender…..They will come up with some STUPID Bullshit.

  2. Space Food Sticks. I remember the teevee commercials. They were engineered to fit neatly through the hole in the face shield.

  3. God has been a part of our country from day one, all the way back to the pilgrims.
    He will watch over us as long as we pray to him and honor him. And even if we don’t he will leave a remnant,of us that know him.
    Gerard over at American Digest has a whole series of great stories by Bill Whittle that are well worth your time to watch.

  4. My new fav astronaut. He is a bit quirky as person but he has always been a very vibrant personality and a real hero/patriot!

  5. My, oh, my, how times have changed. The Devil may be ascendant now, but take heart, he has already lost. So continue to pray without ceasing.

  6. Wait until hollywood makes a movie emphasizing the mohamadian contribution to the moon landings.

    Once again, I refuse to apologize for the western worlds contribution to the elevation of mankind and science.

  7. I remember being five years old and watching the moon landing on our tiny black & white 20″ CRT TV in our living room.
    Contrast that with a young minority in 2008 watching the inauguration of the first black president on a 60″ color HDTV.

    Damn my white privilege to hell! 🙁

  8. Interesting, I did not know. Been watching/reading about our mission to the moon for the past couple weeks and this is the first mention I’ve seen about any type of food. Admittedly, I never gave much thought about what astronauts ate outside of freeze dried ice cream. 🙂

  9. @LocoBlancoSaltine – I was four and I remember what YOU just described, being plopped down on the floor gazing up at the TV.

    When I found this story, here on IOTW at the MAX banner on the left there, I was HUMBLED.

    I looked at some vids and the below are really good.

    Historical with actual recordings:

    Hollywood but well done, some miniseries:

    Thanks @BFH!

    Where were YOU??

  10. Speaking of the inaug of King Obola… you all should have seen the condition DC was in that night. Those reeking dems filled the streets and sidewalks with trash.

    It was nowhere near that fucked up for Bush or Trump… although there were other problems for them, namely the National Guard not understanding maps.

    “GO RIGHT!”

    next guy, “GO RIGHT!”

    next guy, “GO RIGHT!”

    next guy, “GO RIGHT!”


  11. The Dessert Course. . .

    Dried Cream w/ Ice; Flash Frozen -40F
    Vacuum Dried Cubes: 2 Space Saver Scoops
    **No Refrigeration Required

  12. Food for thought ECP, turns out they did not need to eat that ‘baby’ food they were given as what the space station tells us now.

    NASA was concerned that food would not be ingested easily because of the 1/6 gravity, hence the stuff that came out of the now tooth paste like dispensers.

    We sent that article to a priest friend, lower Jersey and said he is using it in his Homily tomorrow.

  13. Our Creator also provided guiding skymarks in the heavens that were used to confirm they were going to the correct dining location.

    [[ Sextant, Apollo Guidance and Navigation System. ]]

    “.. Astronauts periodically used a sextant to sight on stars and the horizons of the Earth and Moon to align the inertial system, and to verify the accuracy of the Earth-based tracking data. …… Apollo 8’s success set the stage for the successful landing of Apollo 11 in July 1969, and for the subsequent missions as well.
    The Apollo 8 mission played a central mission for the use of a sextant in space as astronauts sailed the ocean of space as their sea-faring counterparts did centuries before…..With the position and velocity computed on-board agreeing closely with what was computed on the ground, the astronauts had confidence that they would safely pass by the Moon but not impact it. This was a genuine concern, as mission plans called for them to establish an orbit only 60 nautical miles above the Moon’s far side,…

    A good book entitled “Digital Apollo” by David Mindell provides further detail on this topic. ” .

    Oh, and there is another little known about historical fact on the above website that will also make the progtards go farther and faster down Nutjob Ave. looking for a place for their heads to explode:

    A Christmas Eve reading from the book of Genesis during the Dec. 1968 Apollo 8 mission to circle the moon.

    “.. Apollo 8 took three astronauts from the Earth to an orbit around the Moon and back again, safely. In the chronicles of Apollo, that mission marked a number of famous milestones: the first human crew lofted by the Saturn V booster, the Christmas Eve reading from the book of Genesis, and the famous “Earthrise” photograph showing a blue Earth rising above a barren and forbidding lunar horizon. It was also the first mission in which a human crew actively navigated across the depths of space from one heavenly body to another. ..”


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