Nothing Better To Do With Her Time, Apparently


A woman started a list after Donald Trump was elected to document all the ways she believes he is destroying the nation. She created a Facebook page and a Twitter account soon after, where she can more easily disseminate her running diatribe to fellow bitter Hillary-clingers. After compiling reams of fake news, paranoia and slander, Amy Siskind was approached by a publisher who was all too happy to put her rantings into print. It’s over 500 pages long.

Siskind was on BookTV this weekend (she’s the aged hipster in the red go-go dress). Interviewed by “Tumbelheadina” Ester Cohen, the two reveled in their mutual hate club. Here

17 Comments on Nothing Better To Do With Her Time, Apparently

  1. Gee Wally, kinda funny how she’s got that “Comey’s Wife” look, huh?

    Yeah Beave, if stupidity is like a California wildfire, then Social Media is the accelerant!

    How stupid are ya talkin here Wally?

    It’s saggering stupidity on display for the entire Universe to see. Trans-stupid. Dehydrated-rock-hard stupid. Quasar stupid. Black Hole Stupid. Stupid that has collapsed in on itself. Stupid so dense no intellect can possibly escape Stupid. Nothing in our universe is more stupid!

  2. Psychiatry and mental health facilities will become a growth industry in the coming future as all these people with TDS and skirting the edge of sanity begin to snap.

  3. I just rated it on Amazon…

    “I recommend this book if You are dangerously low on Toilet

    Paper, and there’s not a Koran in reach”

    Problem is I used the business name…Either I’ll be super busy

    in the next week…or I’ll be sleeping on somebody’s Couch.

  4. I’ve never seen a skinny, buck-toothed orangutan with glasses yakking with an over-the-hill hippy chick has-been from the Valley of the Dolls before. Do those fat, balding alpha wanna-be men in the audience really think they’re going to get some of that action afterwards? They should all just adopt a pet.

    Disclaimer: I normally don’t judge people by their looks but, low hanging fruit is low hanging fruit.

  5. I got about 30 seconds into the video and decided that I would rather be punched in the face. And Willys…. you may have the honor.
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  6. Funny, isn’t it, how a paranoid hysteric gets a Facebook page an Twitter account and a publisher? Or all to obvious.

  7. I did about 34+ 1/2 minutes before I threw up and kicked my goldfish.
    This ungodly creature is by far the most deranged female-thing I have ever listened to.
    When I apologise to my goldfish, I will repent and show this to all my Liberal acquaintances and force them to watch it.
    Friggin stupid beyond stupdid.
    BTW, My goldfish said she still loves me but from now on when I visit IOTW she will go into her castle.

  8. To quote Beano the Bombed Beaner just today, “WHY DO LEFTIST WOMEN ALL SEEM TO HAVE THAT…UH…LOOK??”

  9. The young tart was reading that list like they were some sort of accomplishments.
    That’s as far as I needed to go.


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