Now they tell us: Obama’s economy is the worst in over 80 years

Obama shush


Remember right before 2012 election when the government swore the economy was recovering nicely?

They lied.

And now that it doesn’t matter, they can deign to tell us the truth.

So Obama’s Commerce Department just quietly “revised” their GDP estimates for the last 3 years, downward.

The U.S. economy grew more slowly over the past three years than the government had previously estimated, held back by more frugal consumers and steeper spending cuts by state and local governments.

The economy expanded at just a 2 percent annual rate from 2012 through 2014, down from a previous estimate of 2.3 percent, the Commerce Department said Thursday. Nearly all the weaker-than-expected growth occurred in 2013, when the government now says the economy expanded just 1.5 percent, much less than its previous 2.2 percent estimate.

Well sure. 2013 was when the reality of facing 8 years of Obamunism really set in.

And with this latest “oops,” Obama now ranks dead last among all US presidents since 1932. That’s a new level of #fail over 80 years in the making.  more

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  1. Everything the current regime says is a lie so why should this be any different. On federal website I went to shows the estimated debt to be at $15 trillion in 2016. In actuality it’s already well over $18 trillion and they stopped counting additional debt about 3 months ago (fraudulent accounting). So when the republicans in congress fold again during the next debt ceiling “negotiations”, overnight the debt will jump to about $20 trillion.

    Government spending is part of the GDP calculation, so about $10 trillion of “increased” GDP under Obama has been the government wasting taxpayer dollars.

    Terrorists will never attack Washington, DC because the current crop of corrupt politicians are doing far more damage to America than a terrorist could ever hope to accomplish.

  2. A predictable bi product of wealth redistribution. Who knew he meant to third world people. The mans a traitor.

  3. Anyone with a lick of sense knows
    the numbers are bogus. That’s a big
    reason why Trump is so popular.

  4. What’s worse is the media whores shout the bullshit initial numbers and thereby skew perception right from the start. Then 2-3 months later (or years on this case) the numbers are revised for better or worse.

    The average dip who hasn’t a real clue about how anything works economically or politically never understands the revision. It doesn’t sink in because they’ve already forgotten the initial print.

  5. 0bama was destroying the economy even before he was elected.

    People with money saw the writing on the wall, knew 0bama was going to get elected, and knew what he was going to do to the economy.

    People with money, business owners, CEOs, investors, all cinched up the purse strings tighter than a straight guy’s bung hole in a gay bar.

    0bama’s policies have been disastrous, but the psychological factor is just as disastrous. Business owners HATE uncertainty. A madman at the helm is bad for business regardless of what he actually DOES.

  6. The economy expanded at a 2 percent rate? Bullshit! That information is from the same people that tell us the unemployment rate went down from 5.3 to 5.2 percent when almost 400,000 people gave up looking for a job because there aren’t any!

    If the economy grew at all, it had to be less than 1 percent. Personally, I think it’s into negative numbers.

  7. I like the first paragraph at the that blames consumers for saving money and government cuts. That bs makes my head hurt

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