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NPR Progturd’s Husband Gets the Naivete Beaten Out of Him By Marauding Dindunuffins

I listen to NPR from time to time when on long drives. The combination of the smug, the propaganda, the anachronism and the cluelessness makes the time just melt away.

There’s some show that airs on weekends that I always catch. They get a bunch of white lefty celebutantes to sit around and play word games, discuss the news and then… interview the token black guest.

I’m not kidding. EVERY segment I have ever heard (about 4 of them) the show was a progressive white-fest, and then, on cue, the token brown person was trotted out. It’s comical.

The insulated progs, wearing their tweed blazers with leather elbow patches (yes, I can hear what they are wearing), are so embarrassingly fawning, characterizing every utterance as “marvelous,” I simply cannot turn it off.

The condescension is so palpably racist to any objective listener (aka- conservative), yet, the lefties think it’s anything but. It’s a must-listen for me.

Now I get a cherry on top:

NPR Apparatchik’s Husband Gets a Lesson in Multiculturalism

(If only he was armed, like Bernhard Goetz.)

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  1. If the husband actually had a firearm he probably would have frozen when trying to use it. Then the thugs would have taken it from him, shot him in the head, and then used it to steal some skittles and iced tea at the market down the street.

  2. That crippled thug should have been made into a poster child, his picture plastered in every subway –
    “Wanna mug people with screwdrivers or be able to feel your legs?”

    Nope. The posters made were of the white devil Goetz, and the left began thinking of ways to take guns out of the citizen’s hands.

    The left needs to be eradicated.

  3. (If only he was armed, like Bernhard Goetz.)

    Well that would make sense, but then we are talking about progs here, so let’s make a bet.
    I’ll bet you one “Hillary For Prison” drink koozie that he (or she) blames it on White Privilege before he gets a gun.
    Any takers?

  4. that’s the problem with progtards…they never get to the point where they say, “I’d like to buy a clue for a thousand, Alex”
    they’re too rapped up in the belief that the all-powerful gubmint will protect them in their well-spun cocoons


    Fur, the word is “celebutard.” It’s a cross among a celebrity, a debutante, and a retard. The word was coined by my college bud Michael Musto in an interview about ten years ago. He was referring to Paris Hilton. Yes, I know you have a long-ago professional beef with him, but he da man when it comes to the English language, having graduated from Columbia when you had to WRITE your senior thesis, not lug a mattress around for specious academic credit.

    We’ll let you off with a warning this time, son.

  6. From the WaPo;

    “Kristin Smyth, 28, an economist with the federal government, said she boarded the Red Line train at Union Station shortly after 5 p.m. She noticed a large, rowdy group of youths. “It started with two of the kids, two boys, egging each other on,” she said. ” ‘You bet I won’t do it. You bet I won’t do it.’ ”

    Yoots. Rowdy ones at that. Kids. Boys. And further quotes the husband asking “Did I do something wrong?..” when he came to.

    Paraphrasing someone I read the other day, you can only become that ignorant – either as a government employee or a modern university graduate – with professional assistancae.

  7. What marvelous suffering offered up to those the left worship. The broken bones, the blows to the head.

    Will he become a saint to the crew at NPR? Truly he served those they worship.

  8. Darryl Cabey, I believe was the megro with the screw driver. If Im not mistaken, he is dead from a gunshot to the head.

    Several of those megros have been killed over the years. Bernie is doing okay. Better than any of the megros.

  9. Yes, of course the leftists will recover from the broken bones and broken jaw. He will then contemplate the truth. That he and his cohorts are fucking imbeciles and completely wrong about everything they have ever passed judgement on and everyone they have accused of being raciss.

    Then the anger will well up in the retarded leftist. No, not at the megros but at the raciss right wingers that have been right all along and at himself for having been debunked. Begrudgingly admitting to himself that his whole life has been a fraud and a fallacy is going to be impossible to admit. He will reject the truth.

    His response will be the only one he knows. Excuse the megro savagery, make excuses for them, continue to convince himself he is better than the raciss whites and that white privilege caused their savagery. It wasnt personal. How could the megros have known he was a libtard and not a white raciss. Perfectly understandable and no hard feelings for the megros, just the white raciss that cause the megro to be so angry.

    Liberals are truly mentally disturbed.

  10. Obama sons knew they had him when he pulled out his icky scary squirt gun same time he was peein his pants. Obama sons looked at man boy’s purse, with a PBS logo, and knew this was an easy target. Being this far left, it’ll only take this mangina about 30 years to become a conservative.

  11. You’re mistaken.
    Goetz didn’t kill anyone. He shot 5 times at 4 muggers. One shot missed. No one was shot in the head. None died. Darrell Cabey was paralyzed.

    3 screwdrivers were found on 2 of the muggers. The screwdrivers were never seen by Goetz because they weren’t pulled out.

    They claimed they only had them to break into arcade machines. But one mugger said they indeed were intending on robbing him. Goetz began firing after one asked him for 5 dollars.

    Personally, I think Goetz shouldn’t have shot Cabey. Cabey never stood up during the incident, and was the last one shot, and was cowering in the corner holding onto the seat back in fear. Goetz hesitated, gun raised, and walked toward him several steps before firing.

    I think Goetz was not guilty because of temporary insanity.

    The subways were out of control. NYC had the highest violent crime rate in the country -70% higher than the next city on the list. It was worse than present day Chicago. It was so bad Curtis Sliwa formed the Guardian Angels because the police couldn’t protect the people any longer.
    I know.
    I took those subways every day in 1984. Off peak rides were very scary, especially in winter after dark.

    Goetz had been mugged earlier in the year and nothing was done to one of the 3 who were caught.
    He was let go on a misdemeanor, only charged because he ripped Goetz’s coat.
    This made Goetz paranoid, fearful and defensive, and once he started defending himself he didn’t stop until the threat was over.
    I completely understand.

  12. No. The word I meant to use was celebutante.
    The word celebutante was coined before Musto expanded upon it with his “tard” suffix, to describe “rich” celebrities.

    Before there were celebutards, like the Kardashians and Paris Hilton, there were celebutantes. These were the people you’d see in Details magazine, and they weren’t necessarily rich, like Viva and Ultra Violet. (In fact, most celebutantes are living in a studio apartment and looking forward to being seen in a photo next to an actual working celebrity.)
    They were simply famous because they were at parties and they appeared in the magazines, and they were appropriately left-wing.

    This is what gets on NPR.
    Guests are treated like royalty, get the red carpet, and I couldn’t tell you who they are, or what they do.

    As far as I know they make a living going to cocktail parties, the ones that Tucker Carlson wants to be invited to.

  13. Yeah, I was gonna say, in CA we called Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie celebutards because of the ditziness.

    Celebutants are posers.

  14. Colin Flaherty is doing a yoeman’s job with no help from the MSM, Academia, or politicians; all of whom are in denial. There are simply too many Zoe Marks in the country and too many gutless reporters. Political Correctness will a path to total Civil War
    Libtards make me sick.

  15. Jackals are quite adept at separating predator from prey.
    Goetz was different, as he was prey that happened to be armed. Usually, as in this case, prey are not armed.
    Proggys encrapt their brains in order to block reality. They actually believe that if they embrace their world view strongly enough that it will be so. I have been told that by many of them.
    This clown told the jackals to target him rather than the others on the transport. Sadly, the encraption likely has blocked even his access to his brain and he will change nothing in his life.

  16. I doubt that many in that demographic group would even buy a gun at all, because a core belief with those types is that Teh Gunz are Eeeeevil.

    BTW Colin Flaherty did a video on this incident a couple days before Christmas. Interesting insights, he says the NPR newsreaders have been instrumental in creating the Negro victimization narrative and now at least one is paying the price. .

  17. I know none was killed in the original incident. I believe one or two are dead now, having died in the gutter during other criminal acts.

  18. terry gross is one ugly tranny. is it trying to go man to woman or the other way around?


  19. When NPR wears thin for insanity;
    Baltimore has WOLB that features
    Revrund Al for your listening pleasure.
    Lotsa hate, most of the time.

  20. He’d been fine if he’d remembered to click his heels and keep his eyes shut while reciting his liberal dogma.

    Worked for Dorothy when she needed to magically get home unharmed.

  21. Sure, why not? As my high school English teacher used to remind us, the English language is a dynamic, continuing evolving entity. (See: ze, zir.)

  22. LOL!

    Harvard Professor of Government James Q. Wilson explained the broad sentiment by saying, “It may simply indicate that there are no more liberals on the crime and law-and-order issue in New York City, because they’ve all been mugged.”

  23. Gross was a customer of a shop where I worked in Philly waaay back, and I didn’t know what you were talking about until I checked recent picture. She wasn’t too bad then, really. The years and her stylist must be hating her, because wow.

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