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NSA Head Is Quitting

Daily Caller: Admiral Mike Rogers is reportedly expected to step down this spring, retiring after four years as the director of the National Security Agency, Politico revealed Friday.

The embattled NSA director is said to have made the announcement to agency staff, Reuters reported Friday, citing a tweet by a Washington Post reporter. President Donald Trump will likely name a successor sometime before the end of the month.

Former President Barack Obama nominated Rogers in 2014, and he took the helm at a time when the NSA was still reeling in the wake of the devastating Edward Snowden leaks.

He faced staunch criticism from other intelligence and defense leaders, as former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper and former Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter both recommended a little over a year ago that the White House relieve him of his duties, citing inadequacies in his performance.  read more

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  1. I read somewhere about all the angst for the droves of “talent” leaving the NSA………….reading other peoples email and aiming satellites is not a life skill. Most 6th graders today could step in.

  2. Admiral Rogers Became an American hero when he put everything on the line & went to Trump Towers after the election to advise PE Trump about surveillance. He exposed the group committing probably the biggest politely crime in the history of our country. I am grateful.

  3. Clapper is a known and proven liar.
    Lied to Congress on national TV and then, after admitting the lie, claimed that the stupid lie was “necessary.”

    Rogers is probably neither more nor less an amoral murdering prick than the one who preceded him, or the one who will succeed him, but to be criticized by a known liar and traitor has to be embarrassing.

    izlamo delenda est …

  4. Tim, Rogers is a hero. He walked into a situation where illegal activity was occurring right and left. He followed protocol and chain of command to stop it. Clapper, who is up to his eyeballs in illegal activity, recognized Rogers wasn’t going to play ball in this illegal shit show. This made Rogers a huge threat. Clapper therefore called for Rogers to be fired, suggesting Rogers was inept. That’s laughable, when you consider what Rogers was dealing with. In a sea of “black hats,” Rogers was the lone “white hat.”

    On Nov 18, 2016, Rogers went to visit Donald Trump at Trump tower, without informing Clapper. On Nov 19, Trump moved his entire transition team out of Trump and to Bedminster, NJ. Why do you suppose that was?

    At risk of losing his job, Rogers tipped off our President about the sea of evil swirling around him. The guy is a hero.

  5. Tired Mom,
    Thank you for that analysis. I had no idea.
    Why would Trump let him go?
    Certainly not on the suggestion of Clapper, a known liar and traitor?

    izlamo delenda est …

  6. People are saying he is a hero. Can I remind everyone that he operated the largest mass scale 4th Amendment violation scam we can imagine. Big Brother on steroids. I’ll be happy when the whole NSA staff is dismissed.

  7. Tim, I take Admiral Rogers’ departure as a sign that his work is done (for the most part). Check out the excellent article posted by Vixen. Definitely worth a read. Rogers will have to hang around Washington to testify in the coming months, specifically nailing people within the FBI and DOJ who were breaking the law. But I can see how the past few years as head of NSA, working in such an outlandishly hostile and evil environment, would take its toll. Even just focusing on the coming court cases will be a full-time job for him, at least for awhile. Pray our President finds a man with Rogers’ intellect, honesty, integrity and courage to assume the helm at the NSA!

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