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NYC Judge Sworn in On the Koran

Free Republic is reporting that a newly elected Muslim judge in Brooklyn has been sworn in on the Koran.
Video of her being sworn in HERE 


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  1. But what good is that? She is promising to fullfill her duties based on the Koran??? The Koran permits Taqiyya, that is; it is permissible to lie for the cause of Islam.

  2. The koran teaches that wimmin are 2nd class citizens. How can she be a judge of what men have done? What is her position on sharia law?

  3. I guess that means I can lie under oath if I’m accused of anything under her jurisdiction.

    Welcome to the results of tolerance and diversity.

  4. What’s really pitiful is that Civil Court judges in New York State are elected, not appointed. So there must be a lot of lo-fos in the 7th municipal district.

  5. Ya know what? I no longer give a shit that the Cult of Destruction, (Oops. I mean, religion of peace) declared NYC as target number one. Have at it you illiterate inbred rag heads.

  6. As Oblowme said, we are going to fundamentally change this nation; this is no longer a Christian nation. and, soto voce, he mumbled, an’dey ain’t a mudderfluckin’ thing you white mudderflockers can do ’bout it. You republican assholes ain’t got the balls to stop me ’cause my boys and bitches in the media will brand you’all racists.. Just look at what FOX is pulling on Trump and Cruz. FFS!.

  7. I wonder if civil judges in the Peoples’ Glorious Utopia of New York can perform weddings?

    “Do you, Achmed, take this goat as one of your four lawful wives? . . . . “

  8. I was unable to find out the exact borders of the 7th. I can tell you that it is in Kings County (more commonly known as “Brooklyn”), and that the county has two districts, the 2nd and the 7th.

    Brooklyn is a very large county that would be the fourth-largest city in the U.S. if it were a stand-alone city. It is home to a broad array of races, ethnic groups, religions, and socioeconomic groups. This judge lives in the East New York neighborhood, which is a typical inner-city shithole. I can’t say what other neighborhoods the district includes.

    BTW I lived in Brooklyn from 1984 to 2009. I got out because my neighborhood was turning into a shithole with all the immigrants moving in.

  9. Yes. All judges in New York State are authorized to perform marriages, as are the mayors of cities, towns, and villages, and justices of the peace.

  10. Upon reading this headline, this was my reaction as well. How can she be on the bench as a second class citizen.

    Oh and we’re all fucked unless by some miracle a spine is formed.

  11. IOTW Headline of the future

    “Muslim Judge Who Became a Democrat Heroine After Being Sworn In On Koran Is Victim of Hybrid Workplace Violence/Terrorist Attack”

  12. Bestiality and cannibalism coming soon.

    If you don’t approve, it’s because you rayciss.

  13. Bay Ridge is in Brooklyn. It’s where I wanted to live but couldn’t afford it. Beautiful neighborhood with pretty parks, very safe, great shopping, lots of Italians and Greeks. Some Arabs but never a problem that I’ve known of. To-die-for restaurant selection. Famous as John Travolta ‘ s ‘hood in “Saturday Night Fever.” Only drawback is transit–no express subway service (change trains once you leave the neighborhood), and a major north – south bus route was discontinued by the TA in 2009.

    Several miles from East New York so probably not part of the 7th district unless the district is oddly configured.

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