NYC Transit System is Broke- Fare Beaters On the Rise


Criminal justice advocates are sounding the alarm about a proposed crackdown on bad subway behavior, after MTA board members voiced support for a lifetime ban on repeat transit criminals and floated the idea of publicly shaming fare evaders online.

On Monday, a subset of the agency’s board voted on a resolution that would prohibit transit recidivists from riding the subways. Sarah Feinberg, a recent Cuomo appointee, called for the vote during the Transit Committee meeting, warning of “folks who are literally using our system to prey upon people.”

The subcommittee passed the resolution, and it will go before the entire MTA board on Wednesday. The potential policy shift comes less than a week after Governor Andrew Cuomo announced plans to add 500 cops to farebeating “hotspots” across the city.

In the first eight months of last year, 89 percent of those arrested for jumping a turnstile were black or Hispanic individuals.

Listen to this pant load–>

But some board members were less sanguine about the proposal. David Jones, a de Blasio appointee who also leads the Community Service Society of New York, cautioned during the meeting that “unless we characterize this extraordinarily narrowly, we’re going to end up sweeping in people and make it almost certain they’re going to return to the life of crime because they won’t have any transportation options.”


“Characterize this extraordinarily narrowly.”

In other words, don’t arrest the minorities, just go after that 11%, poor or not.

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  1. Isn’t a tollbooth or turnstyle a form of border?
    yeah, that won’t cost anything to enforce and maintain. Unless they use that facial recognition stuff, pioneered by US firms for the chainese, which we don’t have and doesn’t really exist, but they wouldn’t use it anyway.
    and washington DC has chosen to not enforce fare skipping, as in dc, it is considered ‘racis’ to do so.

    I give up- the earth really is flat and this is a computer simulation, created by someone in their mommy’s basement. gotta be- its the only thing that makes sense anymore

  2. Just like everything else in NYC, if there where only white people in NYC there would be almost no crime.

  3. What does it say about our society, when the authorities don’t want to enforce the law because they know that 89% of the lawbreakers are of one (or 2)ethnic group(s)? Maybe we should not enforce laws against dog fighting, and cock fighting, and rape for the same reason.

  4. What’s the big deal about losing some transportation fares when compared to all the other crap the lefts want to give away to their potential voters?

  5. I would gladly pay twice.
    Once at the turnstile, and once again at the car door; a small ‘donation’ to the large brigand holding a bat wrapped in barbed wire whose ‘mates’ keep the train cars empty of undesirables.

  6. Why travel to far off lands to see the misery of live for those living in shitholes, just visit NY.

  7. Why travel to far off lands to see the misery of life for those living in shitholes, just visit NY.

  8. They are also talking about putting the ‘fare beaters’ on BoobTube and to try and shame them…Haaha.

    IF they do this they would have to ‘disable ‘ the comments section WHICH would defeat the purpose of putting it on BoobTube to begin with!

    Moronic at best.


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