Obama and Hillary made the Arab world safe for Islamic terrorists

obama with marine umbrella

DougRoss- Far from being “spontaneous” and “indigenous,” the uprisings known as the “Arab Spring” that swept North Africa and the Middle East were long planned and planned from abroad with the Muslim Brotherhood’s role hidden in plain sight.

The Muslim Brotherhood was founded in Egypt in 1928 as a Sunni Islamist religious, political and social movement.  According to Lawrence Wright in his book “The Looming Tower,” its founder Hassan al-Banna “rejected the Western model of secular, democratic government, which contradicted his notion of universal Islamic rule.” The fundamental goal of the Muslim Brotherhood remains Islam’s global domination, an effort that quickly turned violent and eventually spread to over eighty other nations. For example, one Muslim Brotherhood splinter group was responsible for the 1981 assassination of Egyptian President Anwar Sadat for his peace treaty with Israel and another offshoot is the terrorist organization Hamas.

Barack Obama clearly supports the Muslim Brotherhood as a so-called “moderate” alternative to more violent Islamist groups like al Qaeda and the Islamic State, and a vehicle for political reform in the Middle East and North Africa, as outlined in the secret 2011 directive called Presidential Study Directive-11, or PSD-11.


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  1. For all the ship everyone gives Glenn Beck, he reported this years ago. He had all the info on Tubby Trumka, Samantha Power and the entire commie cabal planning the “Arab Spring” for YEARS before Obongo got into office!

    Anyone remember the professionally printed, mass-produced (union inspired) signs that were all through the crowd during Arab Spring coverage in Tahrir Square? That was Trumka’s doing. It was also supposed to be a vehicle for “Workers of the world unite” as well as the Left’s political goals.

  2. You know, of all the assinine photos of His Highness, the one attached to this story is one of the most assinine photos of all. It says everything you need to know about the guy.

  3. I noticed they even blunted the tip of that umbrella the unarmed Marine is holding for that disrespectful anti-American piece of moslem snake shit.
    Don’t you know, if he’s a real Marine, he’s thinking about shoving that thing up his ass and giving it a hard kick.

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