Obama and Robert De Niro buddy up in NYC

BPR: Former President Barack Obama was spotted having dinner Monday evening with actor Robert De Niro in New York City.

The two were joined by Apple CEO Tim Cook at Yves restaurant in Lower Manhattan, in the Tribeca neighborhood, for a “meeting of the minds,” TMZ reported.

Obama reportedly signed a $90 million deal last month to produce a Netflix series on the Democrat Party’s partisan effort to impeach President Donald Trump, which is an interesting gig for a former president who may or may not have played a role in the events that have led up to the possibility of impeachment.

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  1. knew Di Niro was into dark meat … just didn’t know it was boys

    ok kids, now … was the above statement sexist or raccccissss?
    … discuss amongst yourselves

  2. Bugs Bunny logic:

    A theory here, and it’s JUST that:

    What IF DJT decided not to run a second term, because of the bullshit, he get’s his ‘freedom’ in his late seventies.

    IF he decides to run again?? Confinement in DC. Does he want this? Does Melania?

    Uh yeah, WE do, but that goes understood, what about how the fuck he keeps going? He is person. Melania MUST be fed up.

    When does self preservation out weigh country?? He got elected got the foot in the door, set in certain processes and principles might say ‘adios’?

    By getting back into the private sector, while still young enough, he can completely turn all tables and therefore have the upper hand moving forward with this fucking mess we have now.

    Take on the Clintons and take on The First Mixed Raced President?

    Expose it all, in two years time.

    Is this a burn it down to make it better policy?? Well, when you find yourself and your company or unit, in battle, in a Swamp, corrective measures must be taken.

    I know I know a pipe dream but a good one none the less.

  3. Youngest of Ten, Trump’s in for good. He may even love the fight for America more than marriage.

    He’s determined to nuke the swamp and needs the second term to seal the deal.

    They picked on the wrong man.

  4. Bobbi Deniro and the Choomer in Chief, would be better off, along with Scorcese and Spike Lee, to make a movie about the greatest lynching of Italian Americans or ANYONE else in a single instance, for the matter, in American history.

    They can ALL go to hell.


    H/t – to the person that posted this in another thread.
    (Thanks, I have heard about this one as well)

    The reason there is a Christopher Columbus Statue in NY because private citizens hired a private company to to the project.


  5. Deniro: You talkin’ to me?
    Obama: Who’s on First?
    Deniro: Yes.
    Obama: I mean the fellas’ name
    Deniro: Yes.
    Obama: Who.
    Deniro: The guy on first.
    Obama: Who.
    Deniro The first baseman


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