Obama’s punishment for Putin. Did it go too far? – IOTW Report

Obama’s punishment for Putin. Did it go too far?

[…] “This morning I received this (below). Even if unknown individuals from our country had somehow accessed Mrs. Clinton’s emails, this punishment is many times worse than the crime,” said Putin. “All I will say is Mr. Obama is fortunate to be leaving office soon,” he added.

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11 Comments on Obama’s punishment for Putin. Did it go too far?

  1. Bwhahahaha!

    Lucky he didn’t send a horrendous tweet!

  2. Well, he sad he “would go down as president” and he sure did 🙂

    Down, down down…

  3. Hard to tell if it went to far.
    What did he do?

  4. a picture of half-naked Michelle? That should be a war crime.

  5. Putin knows that Mrs Trump will be the one gracing diplomatic dinners, so he’s willing to let this slide. HE’s looking toward the future.

  6. Obama is a fucking dick. See how arrogant he’s being in his last days? If he tries to fuck with Trump during his tenure then Trump should slap that right down by having his FBI & DOJ investigate into how much of the corruption from his administration was he directly involved with? What about the Muslim Brotherhood as a frequent guest? First thing I would like to see is Trump going after Soros. His Open Boarders Society have a big responsibility of the migration and mayhem here and abroad.

  7. As soon as Trump is sworn into office, many first top of the lists things is to pull the passports for Obamas and Clintons. Revoke security clearances, and pull secret service protection. Any further attempts by Jugears to cause treason charges will result in bringing in Special Prosecutors and start the ball rolling with independent Counselors office and grand juries, for Obama, Clinton (Bill and Hillary).

  8. Putin should thank the Lord that it wasn’t a picture of naked Barry …
    Or Barry and Reggie in flagrante delicto or should that be “in flagrante lick-dick-to?”

    izlamo delenda est …

  9. (Not only did Barkie hook up with a tranny but he got a butt ugly one!)


    Does he have
    A. one black nut?
    B. one white nut?
    C. or no nuts?

    Inquiring minds want to know?

  10. Let us not forget a special prosecutor for Nasty Nanci Pillowsi. She helped to unleash the idiot.

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