Obamas trying to bully company out of their trademark

It’s odd that the Obamas would choose Higher Ground Productions as their company name since they just bought a multi-million dollar mansion at sea level. But nevertheless, there is already a Higher Ground Enterprises. So the Obamas were denied their trademark.

Instead of coming up with a new name, they are trying to strip the other company of the trademark and take it for themselves.

The lawyer for Higher Ground Enterprises calls their actions “deplorable.” Hehe.



30 Comments on Obamas trying to bully company out of their trademark

  1. Imagine Smidgen Obama trying to use a government bureaucracy to deny a citizen that which was legally won and take it for his own. Inconceivable.

  2. I am always amazed at the new and novel ways of projection the left demonstrates; They preach tolerance while demonstrating the most vial pernicious intolerance in their attacks, they call themselves ANTIFA (anti-fascists) while committing fascist acts and adopting fascist tactics, and here the Obama’s, the very antithesis of fair play and noble intentions adopting the name “Higher Ground”.

    Fortunately, it sounds like the lawyers for Higher Ground Enterprises will not be cowed or intimidated, good for them.

  3. There once was a prez, half African,
    Who set out to destroy things American,
    He thinks he’s a Hero,
    We know he’s a Zero,
    And he married a ugly Orangutan.

    I don’t know what this has to do with them trying to steal someone else’s
    trademark, just thought I’d throw it in for free.

  4. Hey you 2 soros organ grinder monkeys: you didn’t build anything, except the piles of dung you left all over our country.

  5. And Old Crazy Joe, you know the one that bleeds through his eyes, wants to put non-citizen Obama on the Supreme Court! What a supreme failure that would be!

  6. I thought the oceans were going to rise according to Al Gore.

    Either no one told the shittiest first family ever or they know that man made warming is a lie.

    Hmm. I wonder which is true?

  7. “The Obamas” are grifters. They lie, cheat and steal to get what they want. So much about them is fake. Deep State tools with questionable sexual orientation and “equipment”, children that more than likely do not share their DNA, also pretending to be Christian and patriotic – The list of scams are numerous.
    They contribute nothing to benefit anyone but themselves. That’s why it’s so easy for them to shakedown an established organization and destroy it.

  8. “Wesayso” Corporation for the ethical treatment of artificial vaginas.
    (WETAVE) for short.


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