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Dice- Dem CNN Townhall Was a Carnival Sideshow

19 Comments on Dice- Dem CNN Townhall Was a Carnival Sideshow

  1. I can’t even manage Dice’s filtered version. I don’t suppose any of them had the guts to call out China or India for their contributions to global pollution, right? Let’s pick on American ranchers and their beef cattle, right?


  3. Tulsi Gabbard was the clear winner by being excluded from this dumpster fire.

  4. Most of the crazy–fest was like being at an Italian’s New Year’s Eve party.
    Arms waving, shouting, frenzied speech, body bobbing, and no one makes any sense because they’re all drunk.
    (my Grandpap was from Italy)

  5. Must have been shooting a new Star Wars bar scene!

  6. Pretentious questioners answered by twinkle-toed think fast liars all for the good of “we” the people. Awhile back before the 2016 election I begged the Lord to allow these people to be be seen for the truth of who they really are so they can be hanged on the gallows they built for us, just like Haman in the book of Esther. So far, it seems the Demonrats just can’t help but show themselves. Faith, it’s a mighty thing. Thank you Lord.

  7. Has any sane person watched this “townhall” and not been terrified by what these people are advocating? They are calling for government intrusion in about every aspect of American life from transportation to living arrangements to food choices to what utensils you can use to eat your limited food choices. They are promoting the idea that there is nothing the government cannot intrude upon in the name of climate control, and are euphemistically promoting genocide in the name of population control in order to “save” the climate.

    The only, and biggest thing missing from this sadistic clown show was any pretense to allowing any type of freedom.

  8. Every single one of these anti-american POS should move away from the USA while they still can because if they are present when the next civil war begins I would NOT bet a plug-nickel that they would last the first six hours before the outraged mobs would get them.

  9. they’re all wanting to save the earth by banning plastic straws then Mother nature sends a hurricane and they buy 100 million plastic water bottles and thats totally ok.

    banning behavior, taxing this, taking that. Please give them more air time. Please.

  10. Cue the table scene from the movie Freaks. Gooble-Gobble.

  11. haha… you are on fire Mr. Dice (with no impact on sea level temperatures).
    if you have an hour of your life to give up, here is what a real scientist says about global warming (first hour of a two hour video).
    Mr Soon is the nutz on pointing out the criminal fraud that libtards want to impose on everyone, via taxation and debt.!

  12. The fart sounds had me almost choke on my milk. Hilarious!

  13. Just as Climate Change suffers two tent-peg-mallet blows to its credibility, the Airport Telescreen News Network runs this 7-hour clown car special

    Stop making my job of turning Trump fencesitters any easier, you loons

  14. All they need is the clown car… or should I say clown jet… so they can all jet-pool.

  15. Seven hours of free Dem campaign advertising.

  16. the democrat party is a carnival sideshow now. full of clowns and deceivers, ready to steal you blind at any moment.

  17. kamla harris was concerned about ‘what we put in our bodies’
    she doesn’t seem to have too much concern about having put married willie brown’s penis in her mouth.
    yeah, she did that


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