Obama’s Year of Fail

Jim Geraghty provides a summary of just how badly Obama has mismanaged things this last year. It’s like he’s trying to fail miserably.



7 Comments on Obama’s Year of Fail

  1. obama’s legacy, one failure after another.
    He’ll not succeed until the US is fundamentally transformed into a third world country. He’s trying his damnedest and congress is helping him.

  2. It’s not that he is trying to fail. What it is, is the momentum of our country could only glide us over six years of affirmative action fail. Things are going to get worse in the coming year as all of our country’s momentum is gone. It’s straight down for us.

    Thanks again stupid white leftists for putting this 85 IQer in as president twice. You’ve killed the country.

  3. I’m with MoeTom – failed my ass.

    His agenda, since before taking office, was to destroy America and facilitate the Caliphate. He is not a socialist ideologue, but uses the lies of socialism to further his totalitarian/moslem agenda. He knows that in the quest for raw power, the constraints of morality must be broken – which he has done with the acquiescence of the Republicans and, of course, the Demonrats, socialists, marxists, moslems, negroes, illegal alien invading rat-people, and America’s native criminal class – Wall Street and K Street.

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