Obamason Forces Woman To Call Her Boyfriend So He Could Hear Him Rape Her

Robert Giles, 27, abducted the woman from her home in Hapeville, Atlanta, and told her to call her partner from the car because he wanted him to hear the sexual assault happening
Fortunately, this dope’s IQ is around the speed limit, and he didn’t realize that the woman called 911. She got a dispatcher with a high IQ, because he caught on immediately and pretended to be her boyfriend.

Robert Giles will be charged with obstruction, false imprisonment, kidnapping and rape.
Damn, another guaranteed vote for the left down the drain. Looks like Obamason is going to be in prison for a very long time.
Maybe the left will one day ram through one of their dream bills – the right for felons in prison to vote.
It’s so very important. It’s where their most reliable voters reside.


22 Comments on Obamason Forces Woman To Call Her Boyfriend So He Could Hear Him Rape Her

  1. So, when is his meeting with Obozo at the WH? He’s at least as bright as the kid who disassembled a clock re-configuring it to look like a bomb.

  2. He looks like a pretty bright kid, maybe he had a bad day, maybe his girlfriend wasn’t paying him enough attention. Maybe he should be shot at sunrise, yeah that’s it, shot at sunrise.

  3. I hope this dim bulb enjoys his first meeting with Dr Tiny, Julio, Thor and Bubba in the Slam-In-The-Ass Prison. And also enjoys his introduction to the fine prison cuisine of cock meat sammiches with extra man mayo.

  4. Why should the taxpayers have to support a worthless piece of SHIT obamason at all. Cops should have gone in with guns a blazin’ then shoot that POS sharpton when he shows up!

  5. Make no mistake, most of the savages (like this one pictured above) thoroughly enjoy the gay rape in prison. Black male thug homosexuality is an epidemic both inisde prison and on the dolo on the street. They are big into homo.

    Decent black women prefer white men if they have an option. Too many sneaky black homo men come out of the closet on them after tricking them.

  6. It’s true! A decent black woman I used to work with got up to get a drink of water one night after going to bed. Her husband had a buddy over to watch Monday Night Football and the game lasted until late. She found her hubby in the living room with his buddy bent over the couch and pounding his buddy in the booty in a most animalistic way. He gave her the standard “It ain’t what it looks like, baby” routine. The crazy bitch eventually bought it and stayed married to him for a good while. Most black women know that most black men are on the “down low”. It’s a huge part of the black culture.

  7. If you believe Magic got AIDS from all the white women he was screwing, I have some ocean front property in AZ to sell.

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