Steyn: Why Is Bill Cosby Finished While Bill Clinton Is Not?

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“You’d almost think it’s some kind of like racism thing,” he continued. “That somehow, when a bunch of women make accusations against the black guy – boom, he’s vaporized. When a bunch of women make accusations against some white southern redneck — where talking about putting him back in the White House for another eight years as first gentleman.”

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  1. What’s the point of having a bunch of white privilege if a white southern redneck rapist grifting pustule can’t use it?

    Course, having stolen half a billion dollars and being part of the largest crime syndicate on Earth doesn’t hurt, either.

  2. In other news, Anita Hill has come forthwith a story about waking up naked on the set of “The Cosby Show.”

  3. That’s a rhetorical question, right?
    And the Clinton rhetoric we’re about to get will be what Huma says it’ll be. ValJar2.

  4. Yeah, when they announced Cosby’s indictment this morning, my wife wondered how if the statute of limitations was still open on Clinton’s rapes and sexual assaults.

    You know, it’s common knowledge that Bill has a mistress who arrives at Chappaqua every time Hitlery leaves. One has to wonder if she allows Bill his “outlet” to keep him from going rogue and chasing everything but the crack of dawn and the crotches of trees.

  5. In my best Bubba accent –
    “Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m only gonna say this wun more time, Ah feel yer pine…and mehbe yer leg too, but eatin ain’t cheatin!”

  6. Bill Clinton’s pursed lips make his cheeks look like testicles and his turkey neck looks like a sagging scrotum.

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