Enjoyable Ridiculous Internet Rumor of the Day

Obama is the father of Beyonce’s oven bun.

ht/ Frederick William Dame

37 Comments on Enjoyable Ridiculous Internet Rumor of the Day

  1. He would have had to use a stunt-double ’cause he wouldn’t be able to “rise to the occasion”. Maybe if she was wearing a magnum, diesel powered strap-on. He probably had one of those ball things in his mouth. His mother would be so proud. No, really!

  2. Another concocted story crafted to make Obozo look virile or at least heterosexual. On the othe hand, Jay Z is nothing more than a common street thug, so maybe he will be pissed off enough to exact vengeance? We can only hope.

  3. Now THAT would be fun to watch, JayZ extracting vengeance on O’Bolo. I might even be induced to pry open my wallet and buy a ticket to the event.

  4. If I ruled the world, Jay-Z would be doing thirty years upstate under the Rockefeller drug laws.

    Beyonce would be just another round-the-way ghetto ho.

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