Occupy Ohio State Get Educated In Law and Order

Wednesday, a group of around 100 Ohio State University students “occupied” the area outside of president Michael V. Drakes office for an evening of obnoxious protesting declaring they were going to stay until their list of demands be met.


 Most left by midnight, but a hard core of 25 decamped when informed the police were going to physically haul them off for arrest and expulsion. 

Their main demands were for the school to divest in U.S. business in areas of Israel claimed by Palestinians.


 The Afrikan Black Coalition, which joined the sit-in, stated that the university forced them out by starvation because they didn’t allow them to bring food into the building.

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  1. You’da thought these brilliant “students of higher learning” would have checked out the University’s investment practices before enrolling … but I guess that would have entailed reading and shit – y’know – that HARD stuff.

    izlamo delenda est …

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