Oklahoma DA Used Asset Forfeiture Money to Pay His Student Loan

TheNewAmerican– There are state government officials in Oklahoma paying off personal debts and partying with funds seized through the civil asset forfeiture process.

Not OK

The examples of such deplorable and despotic behavior are shocking to the conscience of friends of liberty. Reason reports a couple of the abuses:

An assistant district attorney in the state of Oklahoma lived rent-free in a house confiscated by local law enforcement under the practice of asset forfeiture. His office paid the utility bills. He remained there for five years, despite a court order to sell the house at auction.

Another district attorney used $5,000 worth of confiscated funds to pay back his student loans.

Believe it or not, those are but a tiny sample of the reports of gross misconduct described in a recent hearing held in the Sooner State legislature looking to get to the bottom of this behavior. MORE

9 Comments on Oklahoma DA Used Asset Forfeiture Money to Pay His Student Loan

  1. Many years ago the Oklahoma Attorney General told me “Oklahoma law is written by criminals for criminals”.
    Okie culture at it’s finest.

  2. Assistant district attorney living rent free in a house stolen from a citizen … can now live in prison for 10 years minimum. All of his pension, savings and investments go to the citizen who had his property stolen.

  3. See folks what a lack of patience will do for you! If he had just waited a bit longer King Putt would have forgiven him his student loan. Now he will have to wait until Putt gives him prison amnesty as a non-violent criminal! The mighty Putt knows all, see all, does all!

  4. Now, that’s worth killing a motherfucker over.
    Asst. DA should be dragged out and hanged by the neck until dead … dead … dead.

    Meteorically speaking, of course.

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