Iranian Supreme Leader Tweets Picture of Obama Committing Suicide – IOTW Report

Iranian Supreme Leader Tweets Picture of Obama Committing Suicide

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  1. “Prince Bandar Bin Sultan Bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud of Saudi Arabia sent a letter to the Washington Post in which he wrote that President Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran is worse than the nuclear pact former President Bill Clinton made with North Korea. Prince Bandar Bin Sultan was Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to the United States from 1981 to 2005.”


  2. “Oh yeah – we can trust these guys to play straight with us on their treaty obligations! Sure thing! No worries there! Uh-huh…

  3. Iranian Spiritual Leader Ayatollah Khamenei recently sent President Obama a secret letter in his own handwriting.

    Obama opened the letter which appeared to contain a single line of coded message, 370HSSV-0773H. Obama was baffled, so he e-mailed it to John Kerry. Kerry and The State Department aides had no clue either, so they sent it to the FBI. No one could solve it at the FBI, so it went to the CIA, then to the NSA. With no clue as to its meaning, the CIA finally sent a secure cable and asked the Israeli MOSSAD for help.

    Within a few minutes MOSSAD cabled back with this reply, “Tell the President he’s holding the message upside down.”

  4. David Burge ‏@iowahawkblog

    If the US held an up/down referendum on it, your country would be a glass parking lot in the next 30 minutes.

    (That’s no Shit)

  5. Take that USA Flag pin off of that scumbag, lowlife, get-ho, soul-sucking, evil loving, hate-filled anti-American shit-wipe!

  6. If a Tea Party activist wrote this about the Admin – their guns would be immediately seized, they’d be imprisoned/detained indefinitely.

  7. I’m sure Obola’s shaking in his little “Hello Kitty” boots.

    Kerry probably had that made and asked Khamenei to send it.

    Trying to convince the morons that America got a “deal” and that Obola’s a tough negotiator.

    Total BULLSHIT.

  8. Ear’s not big enough. And Barry would never stand that close to an American flag unless he were about to burn it.
    But I’d give those goat-rapist shiites a six just for the concept.

    When that traitorous son of a bitch is gone, they can kiss their sweet nuclear deals goodbye!

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