One More Time: The Term “White Trash” is Derogatory Against Non-Whites

The site the published the asinine piece about Szechuan Sauce being racist had another piece where they spoke about “white trash.”

This epithet has always amused me, especially when used by SJWs, ones that wake up in the morning as superheroes, hell bent on finding a victim, even if it means using extreme nuance in order for us mere mortals to see what they are seeing.

Yet, they can’t see that the term “white trash” is an epithet against non-whites.

Let me explain.

When you say white trash you are essentially telling the listener “trash is a noun that normally conjures up images of brown people in our minds, so I’m going to qualify it by saying white trash.”

“Fred, let me tell you about how I made a wrong turn and ended up in this scummy neighborhood. I know what you’re thinking, but get this, this neighborhood was filled with white trash. I know, I know. Can you imagine?”

When have you ever heard anyone use the term black trash?

“Fred, I made a wrong turn and ended up in this black neighborhood. And, I know this is going to be hard to believe, but it was filled with black trash.”

This would never be said. The qualifier would only be made if the neighborhood was a good one.

“Fred, I turned into this black neighborhood. I know what you’re thinking, but it was a nice neighborhood. I was shocked.”

The term black neighborhood implies that it’s a bad neighborhood.

The term white neighborhood implies that it’s a good neighborhood.

When someone says “white trash” it’s meant to qualify the term trash outside of the expected norms of our society.

When a SJW uses the term “white trash,” trying to make white people feel bad, they aren’t thinking deeply enough to realize they are slamming brown people.

20 Comments on One More Time: The Term “White Trash” is Derogatory Against Non-Whites

  1. White trash is what those fellers in the big stinky trucks haul to the landfill, every Wednesday. Unless it’s a holiday, then they do it Thursday.

  2. A jealous girl, that knew my daughter, once said we were “white Trash.” I found it funny and told a buddy of mine who wasn’t quite as affluent as us. Without missing a beat, with alarm in his voice, he said, “What does that make us?” I laughed my ass off.

  3. Very interesting, Mr. Fur. Yeah, it’s always a work-around for the truth. I remember when we had blacks scheduled for a dinner cruise, the captain would refer to them as “Canadians” to prepare us.

    But Obama ushered in a post-racial society. Right?

  4. I’ve tried to explain this to people, but some in particular are either too obtuse or unwilling to accept new info and possibly alter their thinking because of it.

    I’ve also always wondered how insisting upon remaining in the same stupid slot in life makes one “progressive”?

  5. The Titanic was the flag ship of the *White Star Line* ….how’d that work out for us gringos?…

  6. The current propaganda is aimed at developing a superstitious hatred of white men. And it is all based on a presupposition that white men are superior. Otherwise there would be no need to use propaganda, you would merely have to point out the truth.

  7. Contributions to society…the only thing that comes to mind is the cotton gin. There’s more, right? Help me out here. (Yeah, I’m pushing it a little)

  8. The word black is never positive
    Black ice
    Black hole
    Black Adder
    What color of hat does the bad guy wear ‘black’
    Do people use the term ‘ black trash’

  9. The cotton gin, 1792, was invented by a Yankee school teacher from Massachusetts. He was a tutor at the Mulberry Grove Plantation, GA. He envisioned pulling a chicken through a picket fence, all you got was feathers.
    He was ripped him off and he gained little from it.
    He later went on to pioneer interchangeable parts for weapons.
    Funny enough, the invention by a Yankee made cotton farming much more profitable, so, more slaves.

  10. Speaking of white trash, did you know the tooth brush was invented in Kentucky?

    If it had been invented anywhere else it would have been called a teeth brush.

  11. Though a bit more cumbersome, I prefer
    go back to the double-wide trailer park whorehouse you came from.


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