Paul Begala Calls Sarah Palin, Ted Nugent and Kid Rock “White Trash”

As I said just earlier this week, the term “white trash” is an epithet against non-whites.

But beyond that, what makes Sarah Palin “trash”?

What’s trashy about Ted Nugent?

What is so trashy about Kid Ro… Okay, I’ll concede that one.

HT/ C. Steven Tucker

51 Comments on Paul Begala Calls Sarah Palin, Ted Nugent and Kid Rock “White Trash”

  1. Try to listen to the entire segment, and remind yourself of the endless scum of the earth visitors that visited the Obamas during since 2009.

    Truly sickening.

  2. Paul Begala, who gives a sh*t. He’s a nothing little commentator now on CNN possibly the trashiest station on the airwaves today. His claim to fame is working as an advisor to the most corrupt administration the US has seen (and I’m including Andrew Jackson’s) and hasn’t had a real job in years but then with all the loot he and the rest of the Clinton administration stole he probably doesn’t need one.

  3. Put the shoe on the other foot – black t…., latin t…., Asian t…., muzzie t…., Indian t…. etc. etc…..the common denominator is tattoos, lowered cars, bad music, and libtardation.

  4. They can get away with it when swamp dredge consonantly showers themselves with awards and controls the narrative claiming any ill talk towards them be triggered with hell fire.

    Just exposes the bias corrupt fake media for what they are.

  5. What’s trashy about Ted Nugent?

    Perhaps this.
    “In a 1998 episode of VH1′s Behind The Music, Nugent, “lambastes drug users and alcohol drinkers, but repeatedly admits (without a trace of humility, however) to being a serial pedophile. Two relationships (one with his wife and one with “muse” Pele Massa, who was 17 when they started dating) were ended due to Ted’s infidelity while on the road, often with underage women. But Ted justifies his behavior with one of his trademark funny expressions: ‘alternative flesh management.’”

    The people on CNN are white trash because they’ve never produced a product and sold it, and never run a business and never run a State. The most useless idiots on the planet.
    Oh, and MER (troll), go fuck yourself. Show the PROOF, asshole. And I mean court records.

  7. MER,

    Ahh, I’ll just cut to the chase loser, you are an idiot. I’ll cut to the chase again moron. If what you aledge were true we would have heard about it from the extreme left along time ago. Crickets. Stop doing drugs asshole.

  8. Who cares what the Forehead thinks anyway. Does he get any ratings? I like Kid Rock, the man has talent and spunk and exercises his free speech rights. Nugent has done so much good work for kids, and the 1st and 2nd amendments – he Rocks. If Palin white trash then every last one of us Red State / County voters are white trash. Just because we choose to live in rural areas doesn’t make us rubes — it makes us the back bone of this country!!!

  9. Conservative woman are so much better looking and I appreciate them showing us that.

    Every time they went back to the lefty women in the discussion panel, I swear they looked like men to me.

  10. Begala is a fucking piece of shit racist. Designate someone’s race in denigration, you’re a fucking racist.

    “White trash” is no more and no less than “nigger.”

    As for the Kid, one hell of an entertainer. Saw him once yeeeears ago at Farm Aid. I smiled through his whole set.

  11. Most likely, progressives came up with the term white trash, to emphasize their distain foe white working class laborers. The darker skinned populace were considered non-human by the Begala elitists types.

  12. So people that earn and provide for the loved ones and have values are white trash now? The absurdity of that makes me wonder what color the sky is in the world the demoncrats live in.

  13. Tasteless in what way? They’re simply standing quietly in front of an overly flattering portrait of the bullet we dodged in November. That’s not nearly as tasteless as the ones showing libs visiting 0bama flipping off Reagan’s portrait.

  14. BTW, Mer, considering that your original comment source is a seething outhouse of putrid hatred, I think you should expect to be called out.

  15. “or maybe you all think relatioships with 17 year olds are fine as long as you become their guardian.???????”

    Come back when you raise the same issue concerning the recently deceased artist formerly known as an unpronounceable symbol.

  16. Tasteless in what way?
    It is the White House, with it we should expect a certain amount of respect, decorum and protocol. That photo goes out of the way to show just the opposite.

    And the argument that 17 is legal in some states? Really? Furthermore to the person that stated I should show court records. Have you ever heard of ‘statute of limitations’. You would be surprised to find out how short they are in some states.
    Finally, i don’t have to raise the same issues regarding other artist. The question was asked if this one.

  17. PINKO! Those last two photos are tasteless!

    The pic of Kid, Ted, and The Former Governor Formerly Known as McPain’s Running Mate shows a lot of class, though.

  18. “Finally, i don’t have to raise the same issues regarding other artist.”

    You “don’t have to” comment on this site, either. Lame.

    Chances are, if it were anyone but Nug, you wouldn’t have taken issue, which was my point, which you totally missed, and I’m not surprised.

    As Dadof4 so succinctly stated,


  19. Hey Flip
    The post asks, what’s trashy about Nugent?

    I take issue with ALL pedifiles. Even when the subject of their affections is 17.
    Perhaps you don’t take issue because you would or have done the same thing.
    Flip off.
    I have visited this site, daily for four years. Shame on you all. You have treated my difference of opinion just as the leftist do ours.

  20. One may think a karma seeker would burn that biased racist idiot Bagala (another Don Lemon in the making) alive….one would think it be best to keep ones mouth shut about slandering/denigrating hard working white people and your filthy racist language by calling white people “redneck trash” (the inference being that these people were white visitors to the White House and they in fact are not trash)….imagine if you said that about black people visiting the White House by calling them “black trash”.Karma just might catch up to you Bagala? FACT:there are a lot of real disturbed psychotic nut jobs out there that have nothing to lose that just might get even for calling all whites “trash rednecks”……at the very least one would think it would be the decent thing to do if you would kindly apologize live on CNN. Lots of people that detest you are reaching critical mass on types like you and your iIk. CNN has nothing but filthy immoral homosexuals and very low IQ types like Lemon that lick feces from the rectums of filthy immoral perverts (YUCK) along with his fake news that continuously spews from him and the panelist of CNN.You and your kind are adding to the decline of immorality/decency and any type of unbiased critical intellectual thinking (which Lemon is totally void of).Lemon drank the corporate cabal cool aid and along with his pseudo self efficaciousness on a distorted image he has of himself but in reality he hates himself for who/what he is and the shame one assumes that he has brought upon his family members.Lemon is just nothing but a mental dullard that can only read from an “answers script” and goes off like a ignorant immature screaming queen when the narrative does not go in in accordance with his immaturity when in truth he is just another immoral homosexual hack (with copious amounts of unresolved pathology) and of course a filthy immoral cock sucker…..YUCK! What a legacy Lemon leaves on earth… be a immoral cock sucker in life that also (one would assume) licked and ate the feces of other perverted homosexuals.It’s no wonder that one assumes that hundreds of thousands or millions of people are ashamed of him and now Begala you are on the list for slandering/ hurting millions of hard working white people that may have to live in a trailer (or low cost living) because of valid social economic compromises and other valid reasons.Shame on you and shame on CNN….(no shame on Lemon because he is what he is YUCK). For the pain and suffering of those who have harmed may all of you die of a horrible painful cancerous disease (like metastasis bone cancer) except for Lemon that needs to taste the elixir of AIDS or the filthy diseases that come from eating feces (YUCK times a hundred).In closing: Lemon, if you have never licked a rectum or eaten feces from other homosexuals or intentionally told a lie for fake news take a independent polygraph to prove that your telling the truth then go public on CNN to give the results.In fact let all these ignorant biased low intelligence panelist on CNN take polygraph test concerning there fake biased news stories and make the results known on live CNN..

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