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One of the Monsters Kills a Little Frankenstein

Remember when Ward Churchill called the people murdered in the WTC “little Eichmanns”? I never felt that was a very accurate characterization. But I am comfortable calling a fundraiser for progressives a “little Frankenstein,” particular one that was part of the hard-targeting of Texas whose sole purpose was flipping it blue.

It seems a little Frankenstein has been killed by one of the monsters progressivism has created.

My condolences to his family, but this is what progressivism is reaping.


…witnesses told police that a group of four or five men rushed into the train at the same time, but that only one had committed the stabbing and robberies.

Witnesses told police that Sutherland had struggled with the attacker, who tried to grab his cellphone. The man punched Sutherland several times, knocking him onto the floor of the subway car. Sutherland was then stabbed between 30 and 40 times in the chest, abdomen, back, side and on both arms. He was dead when police arrived, the affidavit states.

Screen Shot 2015-07-10 at 5.47.24 AM

Spires went to the front of the train car but then came back threw Sutherland’s cellphone at him, then stomped on and kicked him. Next he robbed an elderly couple sitting nearby, witnesses told police.

The suspect then proceeded to rifle through another passenger’s pockets, taking a fare card, a wallet and $65 in cash. Spires also took an unspecified amount of money from a woman sitting nearby, the warrant affidavit states.

When the train stopped at the NOMA-Gallaudet Metro station Spires was the first one off and quickly went down the escalator in the station, police said.

Fatal encounter

Sutherland, who remained in Washington after attending American University, was working for a group that helps progressive Democratic candidates with social media profiles and fundraising. He was on his way to meet friends and travel on to Philadelphia when he was killed.


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  1. Witnesses said he was rapidly flipping through a copy of Rules for Radicals for advice on how to deal with being repeatedly stabbed by the underprivileged.

  2. Another useful idiot does a progressive death…who would have thought that.

  3. The Orcs got him. So stupid that they eat their own.
    He won’t be letting any more enemies inside the gates.

  4. I picture a wolf walking into the subway car and all the lambs pointing at each other as to who he should eat first. Not one person was able, capable or chose to defend themselves. The laws are for the lawless.

  5. Stabbed to death in broad daylight surrounded by witnesses on a subway train in a city where it is against the law to carry a gun for protection?

    Shocked shocked!

    Would open carry of a baseball bat be legal?

  6. Perhaps he should have tried the pee your pants or throw up defense, oh wait, he was being robbed not raped. I think a hashtag might have been his only hope.

  7. A knife wins every time in a gun free zone. It’s hard to feel sorry for someone like this that works so hard to create his own hell.

  8. “Sutherland was working for a group that helps progressive Democratic candidates with social media profiles and fundraising.”

    Not any more! Those very people who he was working for and got robbed and killed by, are the very ones he helped kill him. This is what it “progressed to.” Epic failure.

  9. Man, I’m gonna miss Mr. Sutherland. Loved him in MASH and Invasion of The Body Snatchers. He will be remembered as a great character actor.

  10. He should have shown the guy his
    “Get Out of a Mugging Free” card.
    Liberals are supposed to carry one
    at all times.

  11. While being mugged by reality and watching his life flash before his eyes, you wonder if he quickly converted to conservativism before he died?

  12. So, as the gang of five youths rambled rambunctiously into the train, do you think any little red flags were raised inside Sutherland’s head? Did he feel guilt for having such thoughts?

    When they approached him, did he flinch in apprehension and did he feel guilty about that? Did he castigate himself for his paranoid white privilege?

    Did he frantically wonder about how he could tell these poor victims that he understood them; that he was not like all the other white people in the car, in the city, in the country? That of them all, he walked the walk, talked the talk, and worked hard as hell for them. For them. Each and everyone.

    Did he wonder how he could let them know all of that without insulting them, without hurting their feelings, without leaving them with one more racist micro-agressive memory of a white man?

    As the assailant tried to steal his phone, did he lament the poor youth’s decision–did he warn him he was fulfilling a vicious paranoid right wing fantasy about black people?

    Or did he just fight for his phone, not even having the sophistication to understand he had provoked this young man with his affluence, his wealth, his whiteness?

    And when the killer pulled his knife, did he think, Not me! He can’t really be threatening me with that, can he? I’m not like other white people!

    And after the first cut, and the tenth cut, and the thirtieth cut and the fortieth cut, did he think…did he think…did he think…

  13. Another can’t get a date, sorry he was stabbed 40 times, that’s kinda personal or something.

  14. A few eggs have to be broken…

    Sorry Sutherland, this time you’re the egg. But don’t worry, your peers will be quick to forget you ever existed. That and marijuana helps them avoid acknowledging they will be the egg some day.

  15. Fuck him. It’s poetic justice served on a large scale, at least for him it was large. As for his family I would suspect that they are just as willfully blind and ignorant as he was but perhaps this may serve to be a wake up call for them. I wonder how they’ll feel at the trial when his character is destroyed by the defense attorney who’ll say that whether he realized it or not he was responsible for the actions of the murderer.

  16. As for the dirtbag who did the killing, imagine if he had been encountered by police on Thursday right after he accosted an earlier victim that he strong armed. Imagine had he then attacked the officer(s). Maybe he would have fought with them much the same as what happened in Fergusson and maybe he would have been shot dead by the police like was Michael Brown. If that had happened, I would guess riots would have ensued if the police had been white. It would have been Fergusson all over again but he would not have been able to carry out this murder.

    Along those lines, I can only hope that ex-police officer Darren Wilson takes a look at this news article and maybe he will realize what he may have prevented by shooting dead Michael Brown. One can only hope he realizes he probably put down an animal only worth a bullet and nothing else.

    All the best,
    Glenn B

  17. He was an intern to Congressman Jim Himes, an UberProgressive Weasel if there ever was one. So, he had no problem with the concept of masterminds who live to control and destroy the lives of others.

  18. Somebody called him “selfless”. There’s no such thing as a “selfless” democrat.

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