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What Flashes Through the Mind of a White Progressive When He’s Being Stabbed To Death By One of His Wards?

A progressive who worked hard fundraising, so that cities could become progressive sh!tholes, has been stabbed to death by a “black life that mattered.”

I’m elevating a reader’s comment to its own post. “Curious” wondered aloud about what could have gone through this guy”s mind during his final seconds.

So, as the gang of five youths rambled rambunctiously into the train, do you think any little red flags were raised inside Sutherland’s head? Did he feel guilt for having such thoughts?

When they approached him, did he flinch in apprehension and did he feel guilty about that? Did he castigate himself for his paranoid white privilege?

Did he frantically wonder about how he could tell these poor victims that he understood them; that he was not like all the other white people in the car, in the city, in the country? That, of them all, he walked the walk, talked the talk, and worked hard as hell for them. For them. Each and every one.

Did he wonder how he could let them know all of that without insulting them, without hurting their feelings, without leaving them with one more racist micro-agressive memory of a white man?

As the assailant tried to steal his phone, did he lament the poor youth’s decision–did he warn him he was fulfilling a vicious paranoid right wing fantasy about black people?

Or did he just fight for his phone, not even having the sophistication to understand he had provoked this young man with his affluence, his wealth, his whiteness?

And when the killer pulled his knife, did he think, Not me! He can’t really be threatening me with that, can he? I’m not like other white people!

And after the first cut, and the tenth cut, and the thirtieth cut and the fortieth cut, did he think…did he think…did he think…


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  1. Mr. Curious asked some interesting questions. Too bad we can’t get the answers.

  2. He probably wished he had sprung for a cab instead of taking the subway.

  3. He was thinking “this is all W.’s fault!”

  4. Can’t say I feel particularly bad with the “right” people get their just dues.

  5. Guess his spidy senses were down if he ever had any to begin with. It probably happened so fast with the thug quickly seeing his pussy reactions to the initial confrontation that the guy didn’t know what hit him.

    It’s an excellent metaphor for what happens to REgressives when they step out of their cocoon fantasy.

    But me, I’m not in that situation, riding in a train car filled with thugs-ain’t no where I need to be that fucking bad.

    But heaven forbid, if I’ve made the first monumental error, my hand is on my Sig.

  6. He wasn’t an AUTHENTIC Leftist!!!

    It happened at the Galludet University

    Metro stop…YET:
    he DIDN’T sign out in proper ASL

    “Help! I’m being stabbed multiple times by oppressed African-Americans!”

  7. Or did he do a “Che?” Beg and plead and let his aggressors know that he was “worth” more to them if they let him live?

    You know, being down with the struggle and all that jazz.

  8. And, since he doesn’t believe in carrying a gun, all he could do was scream.

  9. I know exactly what he was thinking.

    It’s Bush’s fault.

  10. I’d like to believe that his last thoughts were along the lines of, “Oh sh!t. I’ve really been fscking up all along.”

    But I guess I’m just a Pollyanna that way.

  11. On top of which, it was in Washington, D.C….so forget about carrying there.

  12. Oh, NO!
    NOW, he’s a GUARANTEED Democrat voter!


    Having said that, I am sad about this and cannot jump on the “take that, sh!thead” attitude.

    This was a young man, somehow indoctrinated into believing in the Progressives’ philosophies. He perhaps would have seen the light were he to make it to 30.

    Sorry, feeling Christian-like today, have sons of my own who are sometimes hard to keep in line.

  14. Irony is horrific sometimes. I wonder what his friends (the other progressives) think about this?
    This is reality slapping them in their faces.

  15. “Damn. Wish I’d taken that accounting job in the suburbs.”

  16. I wonder what gays think when they see ISIS throwing their brothers off a roof?
    “Gee, this Obama is the best president ever!”

    I wonder what Jews think when they see Obama doing his best to destroy Israel?
    “Gee, this Obama is the best president ever!”

    Evidently some idiots are meant to die for their stupid beliefs.

  17. Had this been ten years ago I might be more sympathetic to this guy. But today?

    This douchenugget was more likely than not to be gleefully cheering on all the “#blacklivesmatter” “whites merely existing is a micro-aggression” bullshit.
    He’s probably argued with someone that the black violent crime rate is a fabrication and whites are more of a danger to society.
    You know, the more I think about this the LESS it’s bothering me.
    I’m reaching ZERO care.

  18. I can just hear his family now, yelling at us that we are ghouls.
    Well, Sutherlands, I think progressives are worse.

  19. BFH and LBS,

    I understand, and some of my comments on other threads reveal what a hypocrite I can be.

    But this young man was not solely responsible for this degradation of culture, yet paid for it with his life, which others seem to think is fitting, as if he deserved capital punishment for his immaturity.

    I DO hear ya…believe me.

  20. Oh trust me, I went to a few news sites that ran this story, and while some people felt bad for this guy’s family, the majority of the comments were about how he himself helped usher in this society by promoting progressive laws and attitudes.

    People like him are like ill-equipped parents raising dangerous children.

  21. I agree BFH. I’m fresh out of Give a Shit.

  22. I have mixed feelings about this. Shit, who am I fooling? I imagine his final thoughts while gurgling and choking on his blood was the fact that his white privilege was to blame and not the poor yoots he tried to take under his progressive wing. Now that our Confederate flag in Columbia SC is gone, we no longer have to worry about this happening here. Clears throat, spits and decides to start carrying that extra magazine…

  23. I’m willing to bet he wished Bernie Goetz was around just about then. That is, if he’d even heard of Bernie.

  24. Possible last thoughts? “I need to protect my phone.” To many people, a smart phone is a useful convenience – you can make telephone calls, send text messages, send emails, find out where you are, take pictures, listen to music. To other people – it’s their life. The only way they can socially interact is through that tiny box. Their soul has been transferred from their body to an inanimate object. They may be next to someone, and yet still prefer to communicate through their phone because it is safer. The real world does not intrude into the inner workings of an iPhone – the user’s belief in how the world should be, and how society should perceive them, is contained in plastic, microchips and circuitry, and this is reassuring to them.

    A guy with a knife wants his phone, and all this fellow can think about is “protect my phone.” But maybe that phone was who he was, defined his world view and beliefs, and was perhaps more important to him that actually living.

  25. In a case like that you pull a Bernie Goetz. Then walk away and keep your mouth shut. The cops won’t even look for you

    Damn Loco Blanco I didn’t see your post.
    But GMTA

  26. I happen to be all out of fcuks, so none are being given.

  27. For some libs, this is the only way they can learn how wrong they are. Then it’s too late.

  28. Not solely responsible for the degradation of culture? No. But he went into it willingly, didn’t he.

    I would rather he had changed his perception instead of getting murdered. And I’m not going to say that I or people are celebrating that he’s dead.

    But I do wonder if he ever cheered on a white guy getting beat down or getting murdered because he was probably raycisssss anyway?

    He had his eyes open the entire time he was fundraising and protesting. He should have known better. So while I don’t feel particularly sorry for him, I just feel pity.
    Same way I feel about a drug addict who OD’s.
    They knew what they got into.

    And still I wonder. Did he even try and fight back?

  29. He should have urinated or vomited on them. Isn’t that typical advice handed out by libshits?

  30. Well, the positive irony is that any iOTWR readers who were on that train would have been the first to try to protect this young man from being stabbed 30 times, regardless of his beliefs.

  31. I want to see the video.

    I’m sure every subway car has video surveillance.

    And where was homeland security? Isn’t it their job to search people using the subway?

  32. USN Dude, You are correct. I’d have already beat one of them with my hello kitty tote bag. That thing weighs a ton… Because of the brick… But anyway, cops would have been called, etc. Any little thing possible.

    And no crackah or negrah from iotw would dance around while video taping the beat down singing, “He gettin’ his ass kicked!!! He gettin’ his ass kicked!!!”

    Is there video? I’m 75% sure someone filmed it and we haven’t found it yet. Ugh.

    “Well, the positive irony is that any iOTWR readers who were on that train would have been the first to try to protect this young man from being stabbed 30 times, regardless of his beliefs.”

  33. Judging from the photo, don’t think he was an MMA type.

  34. I do too. But will the LSM run the story 15 hours a day like they did for the white hispanic who shot trayvon? I bet not.
    That doesn’t matter to the left. He’s now someone else’s statistic to worry about, not theirs.

    If this stabbing happened to another white guy, would Sutherland himself even blink an eye?

    So many questions.

  35. Fur, I’m going to do a 180. I don’t think he regretted or even realized that this band of miscreants was a large part of his doing. I’m sure he was PO’d at these @#$$#@$ for attacking him. The Left is made up of pure racist hypocrites.

    He wasn’t rooting for minorities his entire short life, he was more likely flat-out commie who did whatever was necessary to attain the ultimate holy grail: control.

  36. “Oh, shit! A bunch of nigg … *expires* …”

    As an educated and astute socialist, he knew exactly what he had wrought and with whom he was dealing.

  37. Well, one comforting thing came out of all of this, he won’t be feeling guilty any more for being white. His progressive thoughts and ideas did him in. Too late now to rethink his position.

    I wonder if he was gay?

  38. Last thought, ” don’t you know who I am?”

  39. Leftists… they seem to think they are somehow above it all. They’re like Grizzly Man, and over and over again, they wind up wrong. They’re useful idiots; the first to go. And as far as I’m concerned, good riddance. He was one of the hateful pukes helping to spread the left’s message on social media.

  40. Or, whatever the modern version is of,
    “But, I’m down with the struggle, bruthah!”

  41. Actually, they are undoubtedly thinking that it’s such a shame that the racist conservative policies of our nation placed this poor young Black VICTIM
    in a position where he was forced to commit a horrific crime against someone who, HAD HE BUT KNOWN was sympathetic to his plight, might have otherwise been spared. And they doubtless regard Mr. Sutherland as a martyr to the Liberal cause. You know that’s what they are thinking, because to believe otherwise would undermine everything they stand for.

  42. People are crazy to live in a shithole city like that . Get a job in Oklahoma driving a dump truck. No one to mess with you and plenty of time to mentally dissect everything.

  43. To hell with the wimp. That’s natures way of eliminating the dumb ones.

  44. There should be a broze statue of Bernhard Goetz in every NYC subway station.

  45. Learning the reason for the Second Amendment – the hard way.

    I have to wonder what action he would have taken had he survived the attack. Any worthy prog would call for more knife control.

  46. “… he had provoked this young man with his affluence, his wealth, his whiteness”

    No, he provoked him with his weakness.

    “If we know anything, it is that weakness is provocative.” D. Rumsfeld.

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