Only In Seattle: Washington State GOP supports Karate Chop Kasich


SeattlePI— A bevy of senior big-name Washington State Republicans, who have won statewide elections and effectively governed, are throwing support to the long shot GOP presidential candidacy of Ohio Gov. John Kasich.

“He is a highly principled, strong conservative, probably more conservative than me:  He’s an adult and he’s experienced.  And you cannot govern if you cannot win,” said former Governor Dan Evans.

Evans, ex-U.S. Sen. Slade Gorton, former Attorney General Rob McKenna, and former Secretaries of State Ralph Munro and Sam Reed make up the Kasich lineup.
McKenna put the case bluntly.  “A vote for either Ted Cruz or Donald Trump in May is effectively a vote for Clinton in November,” said the former two-term state Attorney General.

Republicans will use a statewide May 24 primary to allocate 44 delegates to the GOP’s national convention in Cleveland. Ballots will be mailed out containing both Republican and Democratic candidates.  The Democrats are ignoring the primary vote.

Ralph Munro made his feelings known months ago, creating and distributing (free) a DUMP TRUMP bumper sticker.

He now has somebody to boost.

“Kasich is a proven leader who has done an incredible job in the Congress as well as his home state,” Munro said.  “He doesn’t seem to give a damn who gets the credit, as long as the job gets done.  He can beat Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton.  There are thousands of people out there looking for a POSITIVE leader.”

Kasich is in a curious position.  He trails Donald Trump and Ted Cruz among Republican voters, finishing third Tuesday in Wisconsin.  But he bests both Clinton and Sanders in head-to-head matchups in the polls.

Washington is a mirror on the hard-right trend in the party. <——- HOW?!?

Evans is the only governor in Washington state history to win three consecutive terms.  He expanded the state’s four-year and community college system to hold the Baby Boom generation, presided over construction of the North Cascades Highway, and put in place the state’s environmental laws.

And yet, zealous Goldwater conservatives denied Evans a place in the state’s 1976 Republican National Convention delegation.

On Super Tuesday in 1988, 16 states went for Vice President George H.W. Bush.  Washington, in its Republican presidential caucuses, backed TV evangelist Rev. Pat Robertson.

Evans said he has “suffered” through raucous, name-calling debates between the Republican hopefuls.

“He (Kasich) was the only adult in the room,” he added.  “The debates have been childish and filled with schoolyard taunts.  He was the only one who kept his cool.”

And, added Evans, “He’s ready.”

The question is whether Republicans are ready for Kasich.  They should be. The GOP hasn’t carried Washington in a presidential election since Ronald Reagan was on the ballot in 1984.

The GOP has not elected a Governor since 1980, in part due to the weakness of its candidates for President.  It has not won a contest for the U.S. Senate since Gorton’s last victory in 1994.

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  1. “But he bests both clinton and sanders in head-to-head matchups in the polls.”

    I say trade kaisich to the democrats for a player to be named later.

    they need viable candidate that’s not from the bottom of the barrel.

    how does a candidate who loses to trump and cruz in the actual voting beat hillary and sanders in the polls? does that make sense?

    so much for polling

  2. Rush Limbaugh’s “Operation Chaos”
    in service to the GOPe.

    Here a Cruz endorsement.
    There a Kasich endorsement.

    To hell with the GOP.

  3. Some idiot said, “A vote for either Ted Cruz or Donald Trump in May is effectively a vote for Clinton in November,” said the former two-term state Attorney.

    This is exactly the same kind of bullshit that was said about RR in 1980. EXACTLY. RR was over 20 points down to Carter at this time in 80 and the then GOPe used polling like that to try and derail his push for the nomination. RR won by 11 points, a land slide.

    First, I just don’t see how Clinton remains viable. She’s got an interview coming up with the FBI. They’ll be asking her some right to the fucking crux questions. If she lies, that’s a felony. If she tells the truth, she’s admitting to either malfeasance, stupidity, or treason. If she takes the 5th, OMGoodness. The FBI will be checking every thing she says v Mills, Huma and Pagliano.

    So it’s Sanders??? Are you fucking kidding? If Cruz gets this doddering old fool in a debate, he’ll kill him. And Trump? Lord, he’ll be laying public pipe on Sanders like he’s never seen.

    Fact is, I see Kasich as the guy that Sanders could actually beat. He’ll turn off millions of Trump/Cruz supporters. He’ll run exactly the same kind of white glove campaign McCain ran. He’ll accord Sanders respect that he should never get for his crazy ideology.
    Remember pulling your hair out when McCain refused to go after Obama’s past? Well, multiply that feeling by 100.

  4. Kasich is low energy, Trump will be gone next month and Cruz will shit out a pregnant hooker in June.

    With luck, Hellry will become the next preezy and The White House will fall on her causing her cankled legs to curl up underneath.

  5. Gorton is a despicable son of a bitch who helped Clinton in his impeachment mess all he could and McKenna effectively surrendered the Governorship that was legitimately won by Rossi to the King & Pierce County Democrat machine.

    I wouldn’t walk across the street to piss on the head of either if they were sitting there with their hair on fire.

  6. I have stood five feet from both at Tom Stewart’s home as they flat out lied to constituents. Both are far closer to Hillary Clinton and Chuck Schumer than they are to anyone who takes the Constitution of The United States seriously. Their endorsement alone is reason enough for me to say that if the GOP nominates Kasich: I will sit this one out unless Trump/Cruz team up and go third Party.

  7. Evans is far closer to Bernie Sanders than he is to Ted Cruz. All of these cock suckers teamed up against Clint Didier and now what central WA has as a Rep is Dan Newhouse, a four-flusher if ever there was one who comes by it honestly he was born and bred of a family of lying sacks of shit.

  8. Referring to Kasich as a long shot is kind. He’s more like a dead horse in the race, with the jockey not even willing to pull him across the finish line. But it’s his right to stay in the race, as long as he wants. He isn’t required to make it easier for anyone.

    However, it’s time for the other two to dismiss him and concentrate on acting presidential and stick to what they bring to the table. Get kasich’s voters by EARNING them.

    I want to know how they are going to get congress off its money grubbing asses, and get to real work.

    And don’t tell me you’ll make deals–that’s how we got to the horror show we have in DC, now. I’m tired of having my rights dealt away with good-old-boy’s-club, pork barrel deals!

  9. The WA GOP showing why the state has two progtard senators, on progtard governor, and a majority of progtard representatives. Trump will likely get the most votes here; not Kasich.

  10. I stopped giving the State GOP a dime ten years ago. There is not a man of character among the top leadership.

  11. As someone from the Seattle area, I can say without reservation that the stupid is strong here. Moving away soon to escape the stupid; think it’s contagious.

  12. As a denizen of WA on the wet side, I can say this is why I generally don’t bother to vote. As if there was anyone to vote for this time.

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