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Only One State Has Excessive Drinkers In Every County

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

The University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute has released its 2021 County Health Rankings and found that every county in Wisconsin has a high percentage of excessive drinkers. 

Wisconsin is the only state in the country where every county reported excessive drinking among 23% of its adult population or higher. 

The report shows 23% of Milwaukee’s adult population reports excessive drinking, while Outagamie County ranks highest at 31% with all other counties falling in-between. 

The state average is 27%, a three-point increase from the 2020 excessive drinking rankings. The national average in 2021 is 19%. More

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  1. I’m surprised it isn’t Florida. All the accounts of the shenanigans Florida Man gets into include the words “…may have involved alcohol…”

    That, plus people on vacation tend to drink a bit more than they usually do.

  2. State street brats in Madison had a wall that was like a stock market of the beers they had on tap. More of a type ordered the price went up. Ones that weren’t ordered much the price dropped. Lowest on the wall at the time was pbr at .75 cents, highest was some craft shit at nearly $6 a glass. This was near 10 years ago so no idea if it’s there anymore. Got liquored up on the cheap and ate good too.

  3. I’ve spent some time in Wisconsin. I like it there. When you drive the country roads and come across an old farmhouse they frequently have a Fitgers Beer or maybe a Pabst sign in the driveway. I guess it’s common for those farms to have a bar on the premises.

  4. My young cousin decided to take the Electrician’s course in North Bay Ontario. He Told the family 10 years ago at Christmas.

    North Bay Canada makes Green Bay seem like the Caribbean Islands. FKN COLD!

    I responded with, “There is only one thing to know about North Bay Ontario. The entire Town Is Drunk after 5pm EVERY day. EVERY DAY. My mother berated me and said, “Why do you have to paint everyone with the same brush!”

    I told her, that after 2 years in a row of our High School Hockey Team playing at the “BEARS” invitational Tourney and me and the whole team Bar Hopping all night long, I knew my shit. We were 17 & 18 at the time.

    The next year, again at Christmas, she asked Andrew, how do you like North Bay. His answer, “Aunt Lucy, Rick was right, there is not a sober person in the whole town after work. Even the Bus Drivers are Hammered.”


  5. Lived there 6 years.

    You’ll get no argument from me.

    Keggers are the norm. Owning your own tap was expected if you partied at your place. First of May parties were just another reason to get everyone in the same place and drink several 1/2 barrel kegs. Those took place in a cow field and you brought tents and made camp fires. Not everyone could drive home and it was usually 3 AM or later by the time you couldn’t drink any more anyway, might as well catch a few Z’s and stay for the sunrise.

  6. High usage of a “luxury” commodity is usually going to result in it being taxed, or value inflated due to many reasons; often contrived.
    If already taxed, it will be taxed more.
    You know, like gasoline, food, those luxury items.

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