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Did you know about the Level 4 ‘WuhanLab’ opening in Kansas?


The 116th Congress and the Senate Agriculture Committee have been CONCEALING CRUCIAL information about building a BSL-4 (Biosafety Level Four) research lab that houses pathogens with NO CURES and VACCINES in the middle of the United States at the geographical HEART of our AGRICULTURE. Wuhan’s accidental release of a virus brought a global epidemic. Imagine if an accident (and accidents happen all the time) happened in Manhattan, Kansas. It would wipe out half of the US population within days, and the damage could last for decades.

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  1. If the simply gotta build that lab, they should put it on Little St. James Island. I believe it’s not currently in use.

    Or maybe Guantánamo. Some of Guantánamo’s current residents might make good experimental subjects.

  2. They should put it in Washington DC – right in the middle of the swamp. Either that, or give Kim Jung Il a pass to nuke the area.

  3. Just the idea of a Kung Fu Flu Lab in the United States is unacceptable.

    I thought I might sleep a little soundly tonight but not anymore. 🤨

    If this isn’t enough to wake the American people wake up nothing will, they are too busy fondling their mask 😷 muzzles. 🤬

  4. Why? Because it’s flyover country! No one will notice it. Move along now.

    (It’s also near the geographic center of the continental United States. So, before an invading army can reach it, they can kill it with a bioweapon that has a secret vaccine and therapeutics already.)

  5. Kansas can’t be the only state with a secret CCP bio weapon lab. Communist agents and agencies have been able – without resistance, to invade our institutions, purchase land, take over our industries for a very long time.

    BTW, there are probably CCP labs in major U.S. universities, too.
    Duke University would definitely be on the list.

  6. Not a secret in Kansas, they have been building it for over three years. My company has supplied some of the lighting for the complex even though we have never seen the plans or specs since FBI clearance is required to view them. I remember when the location was announced, all the concerns in the above comments were voiced then too.
    I always thought part of the reason they selected The Little Apple as the location is because Ft Riley, home base for the Big Red One, is about 20 miles from the NBAF site. Be it for security or gunnie pigs I do not know, but I can come up with no other logical explanation.

  7. Our Federal Family would never build a lab that could cause harm to Americans. Anyone who says otherwise may be a potentially violent insurrectionist in need of a thorough investigation and confiscation of all firearms and electronic devices, and placed on the “no fly” list.

  8. Not to throw a turd in the punch bowl, but what makes us think the release of Covid was “accidental”?

  9. Irate Nate:
    The vocal minority of Americans have been drinking the punch (kool-aid) since the 60’s by moving the turd to the other side of the bowl. For them, it makes the bovine fecal matter they are fed by the news media and government palatable.

  10. Creating a virus that would kill every cow in America is their goal. Millions of people would die! That is their goal, too.


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