Operation Crossfire Hurricane? More Like Operation Damage Control

The New York Times published more details on the attempt by members of the deep state to remove a sitting president. They even provided the name of the operation: Crossfire Hurricane. The narrative moving article was followed by a tweet storm by The Wall Street Journal’s Kim Strassel who stressed the source and motivation for all this sudden revelation is an attempt to downplay and cover the collective butts of those involved as seriously damaging revelations are expected to be exposed in the near future. Other real journalist followed up with their own take on the NYT piece. More 

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  1. Call it what it was. An illegal attempt by an outgoing administration to sway the election in favor of the same party candidate using CIA, DoJ, FBI, and NSA resources paid for by everybody. Later, it morphed into a coup attempt.

    Comey, Brennan, and Clapper all deserve life in a federal lockup or a firing squad. Obama is wannabe banana republic dictator who should’ve never even been allowed to visit the East Wing as a tourist, much less as a POTUS. I wonder if the deep state put Obama in the White House in the first place?

  2. Operation We Didn’t Think Trump Would Win.
    Operation We Believed Those Damn Polls.
    Operation Caught In The Crossfire Of The Trump Hurricane.
    Operation Sedition.
    Operation Witch Hunt.

  3. As time goes on, the closer the REAL news parallels Q. It’s going to be a shit storm when the IG releases his report. The pressures on, I hope DJT’s security detail is paying attention.

  4. “Crossfire Hurricane”…that’s about what one would expect from a bunch of Boomer government progs: Classic Rock Coup d’etat. And these people think Trump is the eternal adolescent.

  5. The Mule, you might be right about likein to a rogue government put Obama in our White House. The guy came out of nowhere and still with no pst credentials and real achievements and almost destroyed our country. And still behind the scene with his agenda even though we have a President in place for We The People not just the minority socialist. That wooud have been considered treasoon if a Deep State werebsetup to over throw Bush or Obama. How so not now?

  6. Levin’s show yesterday deconstructs it line by line and walks you through the NYT piece. Our forefathers would have had the tar pot warmed up by now

  7. “Operation Crossfire”.
    Because “Operation Fuhrerbunker Gotterdammerung” didn’t test-group well.

  8. They were so convinced either Jebby or Hitlery would win they’d get away with this. If Hitlery had been elected none of it would have seen the light of day.

  9. I slept great last night, I bet I slept better Comey, Stroke, McCabe, and all those other assholes did. In fact, I bet I sleep better than they all do tonight, too. Hillary might be doing a lot of tossing and turning as well.


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