Oregon: HS Runner Collapses From Lack Of Oxygen Due To State Mask Mandate

Red State

An incident in Oregon last week came close to illustrating the point.

As reported by The Blaze, after Maggie Williams of Summit High School in Bend, Oregon, collapsed at the finish line during an 800-meter race last week, outrage erupted over the state’s mask mandate for athletes — even for runners like Williams who “compete with the sun shining on their backs and the wind blowing past their faces.” More

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  1. ” people who have been vaccinated no longer have to wear masks outside — with the exception of “large groups” ”

    If the vaccine works in small groups why isn’t it equally effective in larger ones?

    An inquiring mind wants to know.

  2. Washington and the States need to show us the research records that has been done over the years to prove the masks actually do something effective to keep the Covid 19 in check. Where’s the proof??? or is it just your hopes and dreams??

  3. This is actionable criminal negligence, it goes WAY beyond gross negligence. The effects of restricting the intake and exhaust of oxygen to fuel the organs of the body are only part of the equation, a body also cools itself via respiration. That is why you will see people with their mouth wide open on a very hot day.

    Given that nobody gets to occupy the positions responsible for these decisions w/o a college degree in kinesiology & biology, particularly as they apply to high stress activities they had a DUTY to know the ramifications of their pollicization of the decision matrix. In other words, it can be assumed that they KNEW the RISKs and willingly proceeded to not only allow athletes into this environment THEY DEMANDED IT.

    Criminal negligence means that everyone in the decision chain who had a DUTY to know better can be assumed to know better and in a just society would be facing serious jail time as well as civil penalties.

    The athlete assumes that the information being given them has been vetted and is RELIABLE. Not only was the information unreliable, it came with the State’s imprimatur on it and therefore they had every expectation that it was correct.

    The criminal and civil liability extends to every single person from the coach to the Governor if it can be shown that the Governor had put pressure on those involved in this decision to prefer the politically correct over the science.

    That is a pretty easy case to make given what we have seen going on under this Covid inspired takeover and subsequent direction of every activity a person might engage in.

    Guess what, the “reason” for credentialing under the law is going to be the rational given when that was made law. Not the phony baloney bullshitting about the safety of the athletes that was just pretext.

    If you made the case that having everyone from coaches to athletic directors credentialed in order to protect the health of athletes, you are responsible for PROFESSIONAL MALPRACTICE that rises to Criminal Negligence.

    Criminal negligence is defined as a gross deviation from a reasonable standard of care. If anyone can make a tenable case that a reasonable standard of care was used here it would surprise me greatly.

  4. Did anyone think to ask these geniuses, why, with millions upon millions of Americans having been vaccinated, we are still supposedly seeing a “dramatic upsurge” in new cases? Is it all due to the flood of illegals being dispersed throughout the country? Or is it just more of the same bullshit.

  5. Put on your mask.
    Put on 2.
    Then go out and cut your grass.

    If you can smell the fresh cut grass (and dandy lions in Toronto’s case) then you have proved that the masks will not really stop a virus and you can beer for a job well done.

  6. I refuse to wear a mask. I’ve mandated that for myself and for whoever else doesn’t want to wear one. Even the workers have their mask pulled down under their nose. Anyone who says anything to me, gets the “I’m not a commie” routine. More harm than good is coming out of this fiasco.

  7. Oregon wants to make masks permanent too. Not sure what ‘science’ tells them that is necessary but you know, when you run these dopey government agencies you can write the insane rules.

  8. I live in Oregon, I hate liberals soooooo much; When I get home I have to lock my weapon in a safe and hide the key before I read the paper or watch the news.

    Full disclosure….I no longer watch the MSM nor do I read the local liberal rag of a newspaper.

  9. I can’t even watch the local news here anymore. Sounds more like a social science experiment than the news.


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