Outstanding Teen Has a Question For the Candidates

Allie Nault, of Gilford, N.H. is the reigning Miss America’s Outstanding Teen. The eighteen-year-old is dedicated to fiscal responsibility, both personally and nationally.


Miss Nault was able to track down a number of the presidential hopefuls and ask them about the national debt. The videos are posted on YouTube.

More on Allie Nault Here

With Donald Trump

With Hillary Clinton

With Ted Cruz

With Marko Rubio  – There’s substance to the Senator’s answer.

She seemed to have been able to put the question to just about ever candidate except, Jeb Bush, John Kasich and Bernie Sanders.




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  1. Hillary is going to continue Obama’s policy. Obama has racked up more debt than any president. Hillary blames Bush for the debt. Bill left with a surplus. Let’s put it into context – That’s how it’s done the progressive way.

    Yet Trump is hectored on the “how” part of the question.

  2. Cruz blew it. He did not says what he would cut. Trump did. Rubio is nuts if he thinks that the national cancer that is entitlements will be fixed by nudging the age for Social Security. These poison pills inserted into this nation by FDR and LBJ need to be eliminated, excised. Nobody seems to be aware of the 200+ trillion of unfunded liabilities which any other enterprise would be forced to include on its books.

  3. They always lower the deficit by taxing the shit out of everyone first – ever noticed?

    The debt has never been in a surplus, and anyone who says so is either a total liar or as dumb as a box of rocks.

    By the way, the “debt” isn’t 19 trillion – it’s closer to 250 trillion in real term.

    In any event it isn’t going to matter much anyway because the whole thing is on the edge of collapse – ad EVERYBODY is gonna feel it somehow in some way.

  4. Hillary is pathologically insane….I urge you to watch her speech after her loss in New Hampshire, yeah, it’s gonna require a strong stomach, but don’t avert your eyes……she’s NUTS….completely friggin’ nuts…

  5. Fabulous

    Trump vaguely hints something about the dept of education and common core then, a statement about bringing jobs back to America, then, we’re gonna do it, “thank you darling”.

    Hillary was hilarious, Says her husband did this and that, blames Bush, not a syllable about the last 7 years, sends the kid to her web site.

    Cruz is very impressed with her crown, gives her a short history of lower taxes and job growth, thanked her, and almost said he was going to make America Great again, but caught himself.

    Rubio tells a couple jokes then gives an excellent reply. everybody should go there and listen.

    She asked Ben Carson but his reply is mumbled, I heard something about the over 600 federal agencies.

    Thanks for the post, everybody but Rubio had a swing and a miss.

  6. “She seems to have put the question to just about every candidate except Jeb Bush, John Kasich, and Bernie Sanders.”

    Jeb didn’t understand what she meant by “the national debt,” and none of his advisors were available to translate for him.

    Bernie was on the pot taking a yuuge crap.

    We’ll give Kasich an unexcused absence.

  7. @Dick Blick it matters because the other candidates should take note and modify their own response to the same question.

    This is also why I will post negative and positive things about the candidates, who ever it is.

    The first to let them we are watching and expect better the latter to recognize a superior performance that everyone should bring their game up to.

  8. It doesn’t surprise that none of the candidates had a solution to the $19T debt. It won’t get paid in 100 years, much less in 8.
    All we can do is stop it from increasing and promote growth and hope interest rates don’t increase and bury us.
    I did find Trump’s ‘solution’ of a budget cut that amounted to 1% of the debt a bit of an insult to the intelligence of the young lady. 1% won’t even cover the interest payments, so he was advocating increasing the debt during his term.

  9. So many say our youngsters are dumbed down etc. I disagree as seen here. They need a platform like this to show adults just how smart they truly are.

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