Over Half of Those Wanted For Murder by FBI Are Foreign-Born


The FBI has a list of 68 people wanted for murder — that falls under the jurisdiction of a federal crime.  Unsurprisingly, more than half — 37 of them are foreign born.  And remember, the FBI and DHS have arrested a ton of MS-13 gang members or the list would have been even more lopsided.

Twenty three are from Mexico,  five are from Central American countries, and two others are believed to be from El Salvador.  One of the suspects is wanted for the murder of a border patrol agent.

For many years, the federal government has not tracked gender-based crimes such as rape and honor killings.  This was not accidental or an oversight.  This was intentional to hide the vast number of illegal aliens who commit heinous crimes including terrorism.  more here

9 Comments on Over Half of Those Wanted For Murder by FBI Are Foreign-Born

  1. Its no secret that Obama allowed the central american countries to empty their prisons and let the scum sneak into the U.S. He needs some payback for that alone.

  2. It looks to me more like they’re doing the murders that Americans won’t do or commit. I’ve got an idea, immediate death penalty if you’re an illegal committing a murder of a US citizen on American soil, no ifs and or buts. But they do get to choose the form of execution which will be either a firing squad, the electric chair, the gas chamber or we just hang the bastards, and no lethal injections.

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