Owner of the General Lee- Pro Golfer Bubba Watson- Painting Over the Confederate Flag

Golfer Bubba Watson drives off in the General Lee after playing at the Phoenix Open golf tournament at the TPC Scottsdale Stadium Course in Scottsdale, Ariz., Feb. 1, 2012.

(NEWSER– One of the casualties in the Confederate flag controversy has been The Dukes of Hazzard. First TV Land pulled reruns of the early-’80s show from its lineup, and now golfer Bubba Watson, who bought the General Lee at auction in 2012, says he’s giving it a new paint job—one that will rid the iconic car of its rooftop Confederate flag, per PNJ Sports Reporter. “All men ARE created equal, I believe that so I will be painting the American flag over the roof of the General Lee #USA,” he posted onTwitter yesterday. Watson, who got the car autographed in January by actor John Schneider, who played Bo Duke on the show, apparently didn’t have a problem with the Confederate symbol right after he purchased the car for $110,000, tweeting in April 2012: “Sorry to all that are offended by my car ‘General Lee 1’ but car is #Awesome.”

Reaction on social media to his change of heart has been mixed. One commenter asks Watson: “why didn’t you do it the first day you bought it if you believe that so much?,” to which another replies, “He doesn’t. He’s caving in to the liberal media.”


40 Comments on Owner of the General Lee- Pro Golfer Bubba Watson- Painting Over the Confederate Flag

  1. What a fucking shame!

    We are now officially a nation of pussies. I will make sure I redact the Confederate flag from my beautiful painting of Stonewall Jackson, leading his troops early AM thru the Virginia snow. Let’s redact ALL of our wonderful history.

    How did we get to where The Dukes of Hazzard were ok to here?

    I am turning my American flag upside down tomorrow.

    Fuck whatever’s left.

  2. They are talking about changing the name of “Confederate Blvd” in Little Rock, Arkansas to “Springer blvd.”

    As if “Bill and Hillary Clinton Airport” is not enough insanity. WTF?

  3. What a $hit heel… $$$ SELL OUT! What ever that Charger is now it
    ain’t the General Lee any more,Got it ???

  4. This too shall pass, and those who compromise their principles today in the name of political correctness may very well be ashamed of it tomorrow. At least they should be.

  5. No Bubba, NO! They are doing great applications with film and skins these days. I have seen a gleaming gold and mirror finish chrome on two different 2014 Vetts here in Tempe. Just put a skin on top and remove when this blows over.

  6. He’s the same type of person that supports the 2nd Amendment until he figures he can save himself by ratting-out all of his neighbors to the feds for having firearms if it means saving his own ass in the process.

    In other words, he’s a pussy for not standing on principle.

  7. He ain’t my damned brother despite my moniker! I wouldn’t even claim his sorry ass as distant kin.

  8. Bubba…grow some balls and respect your southern heritage.

    If you feel the stars and bars should be removed because it offends certain people, then I call for you to change your name.
    Bubba is a southern name and might offend the same people that are offended by the flag you are removing.

    United States citizen by birth
    Southern by the grace of God.

  9. Bubba must be unaware of the hell the native populations of this continent have been put through by certain people under the banner of the Stars and Stripes AFTER the Civil War was over.

  10. Hey Bubba! Wanna burn some books? How ’bout old movies? Shall we burn all those too? When yer 15 minutes of fame are over, that flag, those books and movies, otherwise known as History, will still be there unless the Progressive Jackasses and Hyenas get their way thru enablers like you!
    Now go drink yer bottled Perrier water and eat yer tofu … sucker.

  11. And next week when enough Libs protest the American Flag, the color orange, cars that get 12 MPG, etc… Where will you stand Bubba?

  12. F#ck ‘im. If the showboating moron wants to devalue his investment and destroy his own private property, then give him room. Preferably a padded one.

  13. I heard Bubba ( the Golf Playing Unic ) is replacing the confederate flag with a sponsership for a vasectomy clinic.

  14. The anus is Washington DC, better get started now, it’ll take quite a while to clean those self serving turds out.

  15. OK Bubba,
    After you devalue the car by removing the flag I will pay you a fair value for the defaced relic. Then I will repaint the flag on it and it will be worth even more because I righted a wrong!
    I love capitalism!

  16. You’re not worthy of the car Bubba. Sell it. And nobody named “Bubba” would pussy out like that. Change your name while you’re at it.

  17. Don’t like American History – simply rewrite it.
    Heck, “they” have been rewriting history for decades now, just take a look at the local public school’s history books.

  18. What a spineless cave in to the Lib Prog Pukes and scalawags………SPIT! As if the Dukes of Hazard spewed hate instead of harmless comedy. I sincerely hope this life form’s game goes the way of Tiger Woods. Perhaps he should paint the car Pink or rainbow colors for extra PC points. Somewhere there are two guys with three testicles each or one really huge muscle bound aggressive guy with 4 as this coward didn’t get his issue. They must have gone to others.

  19. I call BS. There is no single “General Lee” The series went through dozens, if not hundreds of “68 through ’70 Dodge Chargers. Some were used for close-ups, some for the jump scenes.

  20. Soros’ flying monkeys or one of the other Lib Prog Puke activist groups are likely doing their best to track them all down. LOL. Good point about how many vehicles were used in that show.

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