Pants a Floppin… again?

What’s going on here?

Joan Rivers before her death…

ht/ fdr in hell

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  1. 1. I’ve never seen a woman grab her flopping crotch like that before.

    2. Anyone with dirt on democrats, seem to die off w/o much of an investigation.

  2. Sorry folks, not seeing it. Baggy pants with floppy creases. No crotch grabbing. Hand interposed and caught in mid-swing but not even close to touching. I slowed the slow-mo and when the pants ain’t a-floppin’ she looks as close to normal as she’s going to get. This all you got? As an aside, it makes these folks,, with their questionable imaginations, doing these vids look like bigger perverts than the target. Pains me to have to sit here and evaluate another nothing burger and it just encourages us in joining the sickos in their dicksport. Until you’ve got something substantial, really, really substantial, you need to quit these “grassy knoll” vids. It was sickening enough these last eight years without having to relive the drama again and again. She (until proven otherwise, homely and mannish as she may be) is hard enough to look at on a good day.

  3. @Gojira: “Until you’ve got something substantial…”
    Mikey is the one with something substantial. Can’t keep his hands off it, either.


    “Until we have proof”

    And when we have proof…

    ‘Hillary wipes server”
    “Hillary doesn’t turn over server”
    “Hillary sends FYEO material over open unsecured internet”
    “Obama uses IRS to punish right-wing”
    “Obama pays off Iraq with billions of dollars of slush money”
    “Holder runs guns to Mexican cartel and loses track of them only to show up after bordee guard is shot to death”

    (I’m not going to keep going)

    … what happens exactly?
    What happens when we have pictures of the shooter on the grassy knoll?

    Until then, we will have fun isolating and ridiculing “one of the most beautiful and elegant first ladies of all-time.”

  5. Like I said, something substantial. Give it up. Now, just for fun, let’s say she is a transvestite (I am assuming with
    Squint harder, maybe you’ll catch a glimpse. Just for fun, let’s pretend for a minute that she is a transvestite (the term, I assume, for those with the plumbing you keep “seeing” intact) what does that get us? Explains BHO’s unnatural push for universal acceptance of the unnatural? The big why of the DOD trannygrams? They’ll just make Barry look like a saint for his embracing diversity. Who GAF at this juncture? I’m glad they’re gone and dredging up these pantloads of nothin’ just prolongs the agony of their memory and the gonad chase just makes us look weird and lacking credibility. The fact is, despite your (and others’) keen vision, we may never really know. I am getting past caring.

  6. Who was the Clintonista who went into the National Archives and stuffed documents down his pants, to steal and then destroy them? And acknowledged it later? No, not incriminating at all.

    Until we have proof…

  7. Instead of brain dead know nothing Mooch sycophants cheering it on, have a bunch of protesters raise some hell. When Mooch drops trou to moon ’em, we’ll know for sure.

  8. Hmm, took my first line away and then restored it after I rewrote it when I pushed go. WTF? Nonetheless, @BFH, your list of lib charges are all able to be substantiated to some degree. This Mooch business not so much. Again makes us look like nutcases. Proof? Not coming, probably never will. I just want something more substantial than this kind of stuff. It’s not coming. Dr records? Well, faked, of course. Pix? Why, photoshopped, of course. Got nothin’ and will never have more than nothin’ unless she herself comes out. It’s a weird, unbecoming, collective self-flagellation.

  9. Disclaimer: this is not an issue I care much about. But that being said, it’s fun. As for “proof,” use this as an exercise in resisting having to document, prove and/or excuse every statement made by a conservative. The left out and out lies to the public, and they get away with it – either the media helps with the lie or, if caught, they ignore it. Hillary definitively lied during her campaign, and the media gave her a complete pass.

    I’m not advocating having no accountability or responsibility – after all, we are not leftists here. But Michelle either possesses a johnson, or she wears clothing that leaves that impression. Run with that, have fun, and don’t worry about definitive proof on this issue.

  10. Gojira, you a leftist? You seem to think we shouldn’t be allowed to have some fun around here (wink, wink).
    We have a sense of humor. Warped humor, as it is, but still a sense of humor.

  11. “It’s a weird, unbecoming, collective self-flagellation.”
    It is hussein’s legacy. And mikey’s ‘leg-a-see.’
    If they weren’t so cheap, and would buy some good tape, we wouldn’t have this problem. Quite simple really- they use cheap tape, and someone tapes them. It ain’t Memorex baby.

  12. Look, knock yourselves out, whatever amuses you. I just find this penis-under-every-frock business kind of dumb. Opinions abound here and that’s just one. So sue me.

  13. Gojira : I wouldn’t Have Thought Much Of It, But Your’e So Fixated On The Woman’s Penis That I’ll Have To Look Again… Yup That’s a Penis !!!

  14. Again makes us look like nutcases. Proof?>>>>

    We won an election isolating and ridiculing the elite ruling class left “while looking like nut cases.”

    When I start agitprop showing Paul Ryan’s camel toe and vagina you’ll be the first to complain.

    Leave the heavy lifting to the people who actually turned the tide by puncturing the gilded veneer of the Obamas… and then the Clintons, by using nasty hyperbolic agitprop.

    You think Hillary “had a seizure” when she made those exaggerated faces when she turned and a reporter was in her face?

    I don’t.
    But I said she did.

  15. Gojira, you are right. This is embarrassing for our side. All this peering at groins. Do you kids not remember the photo of Mooch at a young teen in her ballet getup with her leg elevated? There ain’t no wedding tackle there guys. Get over it. She’s a big, ornery, arrogant woman. Also, I don’t think she controls her feminine products very well.

  16. When you shed yourself of all shame towards any leftist or Rino you will be liberated, you will be, truly, a patriot.

    It’s why I dislike Ben Shapiro.
    He still says things like
    “this makes us look crazy, or unhinged, or stupid.”
    This sorta outs you as someone who is still angling to be respected by the left.

    I DO NOT CARE WHAT THE LEFT THINKS OF ME— including Michelle Obama and her penis!

  17. Gojira – Since they’re coming back to lead the resistance, they haven’t left and are still prime targets.
    I am with you on the “can we please just forget they ever were . . . ” — “can we please just move on to . . . ”
    But there is a distinct problem with sticking your head in the sand and wishing it were all gone when you pull your head back up.
    I’m willing to bet you can finish this sentence — “All evil needs to succeed is for _________”.
    BFH has made excellent statements and dissertations on how mockery is an excellent and viable weapon against the enemy. Nothing hits home and gets their heads exploding for liberals like a good old shaming with sarcasm. Shaming alone won’t work. They prove that time and again because they have no shame. Ridicule and scorn. Oh the wheels come off the bus quick.
    For you directly – I have told (and eventually have been successful) with friends and co-workers with this argument – – the only reason you want to keep your head in the sand on this topic is because you enjoy getting shot in the ass.
    Ignoring the problem won’t make the problem go away. And quoting another great “you can ignore reality but you can’t ignore the consequences of ignoring reality”.
    At some point in time the “average american” needs to see what the reality is. This isn’t the only piece of ammo in the arsenal. It is just one shot across the brow. There have already been shots and there will be more to come.
    Look away if you like, just don’t be surprised by what’s there when you turn back around.

  18. Listen. This is all the same shit the left does to us.
    We’re racist, so we have to prove we’re not. They don’t believe us anyway.
    Okay so we can play, too.
    Mich is a man, and now the left has to prove she’s not.

    FFS. Have some fun with it. The left keeps telling us she’s beauuutifuuuuul so this is why pics of mich get spread far and wide. Yes, far and wide. Like her ass.
    Relax, the video is just someone’s ‘art’. lol. Troll her until she decides she can’t take the chance of running for office. And let the left prove she’s not a man. lol

  19. I’ve personally sat with a table filled with centrist old biddies when the topic of politics came up.
    I couldn’t have been prouder when a group of women countered a Michelle Obama sycophant with the cheese faces, one of them saying, “I think she’s a man.”

    Bing. That’s the sound of one less vote for our enemy.

    You’re welcome.

  20. Gorjira and Pbird : What’s to Make You Think The Ballet Foto Wasn’t Shopped ?
    Also if She Did’nt Have A Penis Before , and Now Has One Why Are’nt Our Trans – Guides O & Michelle Answering the Obvious Questions ?

  21. Pictures and videos aplenty of Mich grabbing her area. Pictures taken by reuters, ap, cnn. Remember the one where she’s digging something from 0bama’s nose?
    Yeah, pure class, those two. Look, they’re doing the work FOR us. Enjoy it.

  22. For the record. Do I think Michelle Obama has a penis?

    No… maybe… DOESN’T MATTER.

    Hate to disappoint anyone here who thinks she does.

    But I will post it when someone sends the video because I understand the value of keeping on the offensive with everything possible, including dirty bombs, ridicule, speculation, innuendo etc.

    I do think she’s a classless sweaty Amazon who’s grabbed her crotch on more than one occasion.

  23. And what about the rumors swirling around 0bama being gay. some say he is some say he’s not. And then Newsweek posts a photo of him on the cover with a gay rainbow halo on top of his head talklng about “the first gay president”.

    Now, it means something else to poolitco, but the rumors out there, the other photos and then newsweek does this front cover… 0bama never addresses his sexuality even amongst the accusations from gay men. Now people start to wonder. LOL.
    We are helping them dig their hole. Have some fun.

  24. “I do think she’s a classless sweaty Amazon who’s grabbed her crotch on more than one occasion.”
    I do too. So.

  25. Mich’s sour angry looks, the mannish stance, giant arms and traps, the fact that she looks like a cross-dresser when she wears party dresses, the fact she looks like she can bench press 0bama when she’s standing next to him. But Vanity Fair thinks she’s drop dead feminine. LOL. Have mercy. Not as hawt as DWS though, amarite?

  26. “I do too. So.”
    So what’s the problem, then? Mich and Barry don’t plan to go away anytime soon so either have some fun with us, or don’t join in the conversations about mich anymore. Plenty of other threads to chat on.

  27. Everything the Obama’s do or say is a lie so why not question everything they do or say? Why was Obama was so obsessed with giving transgenders bathroom “rights” that are objectionable to 99% of the country? Why transgenders in the military?
    If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck………

  28. Pbird : When You Say ” She Has Femenine Hygene Problems ” Are You Thinking That’s an Applicator ! If so It’s the all new 6 inch Extra Thick Flexi – Tampon !!!

  29. The funny part is, you want know who started all the gay, birther 0bama rumors and let mich’s law entanglement, hospital admin secrets out in the first place? Hillary Clinton.

  30. One thing people have to understand here is that nothing is personal with me.
    If you’re here I thank you for being here and I appreciate you being here, and I appreciate your opinions and your input and do not dissuade anyone from giving their opinions.

    But that doesn’t mean I won’t counter your opinions, or be an idiot while doing it.
    I love people who do not back down, as well.
    I don’t mean that I enjoy an argument going on and on and on..
    I mean I like it when people say, “you’re wrong, I think I’m right, and let’s move on to the next thing.”

    That’s great with me.

  31. I mean, really. Why the hell would 0bama make Hillary his sec. of state? She probably knew more than he was comfortable with. She wouldn’t have played her entire deck of cards against him during the campaign for 08.

  32. “She Has Femenine Hygene Problems”
    Oddly enough, mikey has been using a male hygiene deodorant product lately. It is called ‘Umpire’ and it is for foul balls.

    And it does look like a duck folks.

  33. Like I said, knock yourselves out but if you think I am worried about what lefties or rinos think, please think again. I tend to compare with a mental ideal of generally what folks ought to be like and how they should comport themselves. The world’s going to hell in that proverbial hand basket and we are fixating on a conjectural penis? I just think we are better than that and I utterly reject lowest common denominator thinking. The left does it so it’s okay? That’s the new standard? I think I have lived too long.

  34. Gojira – Who said we were obsessing on mich’s dick? This blog is not heavy with in-depth collages and articles of mich’s dick. LoL. This is just for fun at mich’s expense. It’s a running joke. If you don’t want to play along, fine. But other people do. And it’s not because they wanna be lefties or some crap like that. They’re just throwing it back in their faces . Ain’t nothing wrong with that.
    Come on, seriously. Do you see there are other posts on this blog, too? Some serious, some not. It’s a variety, and we can multitask. You don’t need to be this uptight about it.

  35. O.K., nobody asked for my opinion, but here it is: If Conservatives and PDJT want to have the moral high ground when we ridicule the Left for “fake news”, then we need to avoid doing the same thing ourselves. Or we can do it, label it “agitprop”, and get down and slop around in the mud and swamp with the rest of the hogs and alligators. It’s our choice. Sometimes it’s even fun.

    But I wouldn’t do it and expect to be taken seriously when I had some real news to report.

    Those are my (likely unpopular here) thoughts on the matter. And I don’t care much if Mooch has a schwanzstucker or a vajayjay, as long as I never have to look at a picture of it.

    You may fire away when ready.


  36. @BFH- “I mean I like it when people say, “you’re wrong, I think I’m right, and let’s move on to the next thing.””

    If mikey has a ‘next thing,’ I may sit that one out.
    Could get scarey at that point.

  37. If you notice, she never carries a purse or has pockets, it’s a roll of quarters she carries in her pants for the parking meter.

    Admittedly, her roll of quarters is bigger than mine.

  38. Was there ever a missing person report filed for Michael Robinson, the 250 pound linebacker for Seattle? I suspect not. He probably fell off the earth.

  39. Michele doesn’t need a dick, she married one.
    However, she does carry around barry’s balls in the event he ever wants to use them (hasn’t happened yet).

  40. Forgot to mention: I (obviously) have no problem with satire, as long as it is recognizable as such. Sometimes it’s hard to tell, though. I’ve had that problem here before, myself, until people got to know that I’m slightly warped.


  41. ” But I wouldn’t do it and expect to be taken seriously when I had some real news to report. ”

    Again. We have more serious news than we do silliness here. And judging by 98% of the comments, we’re all having fun. Yeah, and also making fun of that video in some ways.
    Who here can’t tell the difference between real news, fake news, and silliness at a lefty’s expense?
    Does anyone here truly think we are only in existence to push conspiracy theories about michelle’s dick???

  42. Dammit, it’s a video. No one here is calling this video damnable proof of michelle having a dick. Just have some fun and escape the shitty news for a bit. Can we do that? Is that okay?

  43. Go to the headline edit and behold the power of a question mark. Happy now?

    Enough of this squishiness, it’s making me nauseous.

    Don’t make me start detailing all of the agitprop I do not tag and send out into the ether, stuff that has been picked up by the MSM as real, stuff that damaged the left.

  44. A dick, a roll of quarters,a burrito she’s trying to keep warm, an illegal alien named Raul?…who cares!!!! She’s damned fugly no matter how you slice it!!

  45. Gojira, if you’re here expecting teacup-with-pinky-extended discussions, you’re in the wrong place…half the time. Enjoy. Lighten up…maybe getting that butt plug tuned up might help. 😛

  46. @MJA, this should post as comment 65 or so, so somebody is interested. It comes up often in other unrelated threads as well. Obsessed? Naa, a little more focus than necessary and just plain dopey? IMHO, yes. Accent on the O. Further, per your post, and not to put too fine a point on it but I heard the word “uptight” used a lot in the 60s and 70s just before we started abandoning standards that we are reaping the “dividends” of today and I reject that as well. Thirty-seven years a Naval Officer and I have standards that God Almighty would be hard pressed to talk me out of. Your Jedi “uptight” will not work on me and, conversely, I’ll exhort you to raise your levels in all your endeavors. And Czar, pull it out of your face and I’ll give it some thought. That sort of ad hominem over a vid critique? C’mon. Y’all go ahead and have your puerile, penile fantasies. I don’t care, I really, really don’t. Just don’t expect not to be mocked for it. I thought that was the name of the game here.

  47. @ Gojira: There’s been way too many pics of the Mooche for it not to be real. If it were “dumb” as you say, I might agree with you, but it’s been a long time rumor that the Mooche does sport a penis. His husband Barack even called her Michael one day, he let it slip out. I love these kinds of videos, you have to admit, coming down those stairs was not a graceful exit for the Wookie, that penis flopping around was too loose for me.

  48. I could point out that we condemn the Left for attacking those with dissenting opinions among their ranks, but I wont.


  49. What! “We’re better than this” crap? Sounds a lot like “This is not who we are” and where have we heard that “sediment” before – the left of course and the Bushs.
    Look. President Trump tore into the left and RINOs and still won. He’s still making liberal heads explode by calling them out and despite the “fake ratings”, he’s a popular president. He’s doing a stellar job despite the cretins in congress.
    The strategy to ridicule and torment the left with satire has not hurt our efforts to MAGA. If so prove it.
    Michelle Obama is a hateful, angry, ignorant, ugly, despot leftist. She tried to destroy the U.S. school lunch programs just to satisfy her commie agenda and in the process, put children’s health at risk. A rotten person like that gets no break from me. I will make fun of the first Sasquatch and her penis envy obsession without any hesitation. She deserves no less.

  50. “C’mon. Y’all go ahead and have your puerile, penile fantasies. I don’t care, I really, really don’t. Just don’t expect not to be mocked for it. I thought that was the name of the game here.”

    I guess you’re doing the mocking and no one here really cares that you’re mocking because I don’t think you get it. If you don’t like us mocking the Mooche and you defend him, you’re in the wrong room. We had 8 years of his bull shit, spent millions on his farty school lunch program that was a disaster, endured his ridiculous dresses that embarrassed Americans, every time we saw a pic of him he had a scowl on his face and a chip on his shoulder. He was constantly on trips around the world dining on his favorite fat cakes and french fries all the while telling us how to eat. This is where his name “The Mooche” was coined. Most people who come to IOTW aren’t bothered by penis or vagina talk, most get a laugh out of it. I hope you missed the story about the 15 Morrocan muzzie teenagers who got rabies from fucking a rabid donkey a couple of weeks ago, that story would have really sent you reeling.

  51. @foxx, there’s way too many temperature graphs for global warming not to be real. Fun with rabid goats? Didn’t bother me a bit. You pays your nickel, you takes your ride. Oh, man, humans do waaay stranger stuff than that. I’m no prude, but if I was it looks like I’d be greeted here about the same way the 33 yr old virgin actress was by Hollywood (you did catch that article, no?). And I thought the left intolerant.

    @99 I fully encourage mocking the 44s. I just wonder if there isn’t something more substantial than unicorn penises to be chasing around. This goes about as far with them as DJT’s small hands did with us. Ok, so she’s a he. Her coming out would be a badge of honor to them. It’s a nerf bullet. In order to embarrass them they have to be embarrassable on the given point. I’ve seen many of the vids over the years and there is no there, there and if there is, it’s probably shopped. I’m just saying it seems a bit dopey and there is better ordnance out there. On a side note, apparently you are the perfect man and have no room or need of improvement? Been a while, welcome back, Jesus, what is thy bidding? The left and the Bushes, indeed.

    This thread grows waaaaay too tedious. Toodles, XXXOOO Goje

  52. @ Gorjira
    When Mich said at a 9/11 ceremony “all this for a damn flag”, then shes also said “she’s never been proud of this country” I lost any respect for her. (Well actually never had any, so sue me) She should be made fun of till the day she no longer exists.
    BTW I think she is a dick.

  53. There you go, dianny, blaming the thread hijacker for something he had absolutely no responsibility for, like all his comments….

  54. If Gojira served in the armed forces he, or she, has earned my respect. I’m just a humble shoeshine boy.

    Yes, I will say that they are wrong to say that we shouldn’t ridicule Michelle by saying she has junk in the front, but it stops there for me.

    I wouldn’t put Gojira in our crosshairs of the 2 minutes of hate.

  55. I hope it is all in fun. I think Mikey is having fun.
    ‘This might be the only life I get- I’d like to enjoy it’ me

  56. Allllrighty, something to eat and a strong drink while I spend an hour or so on my drums. Keeps me from getting too uptight you know. Probably as good as Ringo ever was but that’s not saying much. Now, the business at hand. Frankly, I do think I have been treated a bit shabbily here and endeavored to give as good as I got. I can’t, for the life of me figure how some of you folks go all Antifa here. Send some bazooka rounds downrange and tell me lie there and take it otherwise I’m hijacking the thread or some such nonsense. Some of you are as rigidly dogmatic as the left. Just a little different ideology. Y’all thinking you’re all gonzo and edgy. You ain’t. Nonetheless, here’s your big chance to vote the Goje off the island. Sure, I’ll check back once in a while but nary a peep from me forever and ever amen. However, if I have your collective permission to stay don’t try to get me to STFU without expecting some return fire. I forgive but do not forget.

  57. Gojira, BFH and MJA should have cleared things up for you, but you insist on making what was fun for most of us into a Debbie Downer diatribe. You’ve gotten the attention you seem to crave.
    “@foxx, there’s way too many temperature graphs for global warming not to be real” What? Hope you were being facetious.
    I’m not the one with humility more false than Mooch’s wig hat. No one is better than Christ, who BTW mocked his enemies. Relax –
    don’t waste time, scolding.

  58. TO Fur

    Okay, okay…so NO 2 minutes of hate (takes too much energy, anyway).

    Wadda ya think about 15 seconds of raw mockery of the turd?!

  59. I’m going to invoke Leftthink on this subject. It doesn’t matter whether she’s an actual man or not because she looks and acts man-ish. That’s good enough for me. I think it’s her intention to look and act man-ish and that’s all that matters. S/He took all that “toned arms” thing way too seriously, and she gallumps around like a guy who isn’t used to heels.

  60. @Gojira: “@foxx, there’s way too many temperature graphs for global warming not to be real. Fun with rabid goats? Didn’t bother me a bit. You pays your nickel, you takes your ride. Oh, man, humans do waaay stranger stuff than that. I’m no prude, but if I was it looks like I’d be greeted here about the same way the 33 yr old virgin actress was by Hollywood (you did catch that article, no?). And I thought the left intolerant.”

    FTR they didn’t fuck goats, all 15 of them fucked a poor old rabid donkey. You didn’t even read my post or you would have known it was a donkey and not goats. I’m only intolerant of people who don’t read the post then answer it incorrectly.

    /just saying

  61. As for global warming, what does that have to do with the Mooch having a prick? Are you saying he’s contributing to global warming, I agree with that, why does he need two cars to travel in?

  62. Gojira August 29, 2017 at 6:58 pm

    Gojira can stay

    Voting ends at noon 30 Aug. That would be mañana.

    I think the only way you would get booted here is to spam or threaten people here.

  63. @Goldenfoxx:”As for global warming, what does that have to do with the Mooch…”
    I saw that too, and considered it a red herring. Called it out of season, given what seemed to be beginning in the thread.
    I don’t think Mikey has a red herring in there, though. Trouser snake, maybe.
    I think Gojira should make up their own mind on what they do or don’t do. I’ll abstain from the vote, or in hussein fashion, just vote ‘present.’ I don’t have any animosities for them.

  64. @ Gojira: There’s been way too many pics of the Mooche for it not to be real.
    @foxx, there’s way too many temperature graphs for global warming not to be real.
    The point being that “evidence” does not a case make and his is a logical fallacy of galactic proportions.

    Still too obtuse? If you folks took a moment to read the posts I so very carefully craft instead of force-feeding your umbrage and going off half-cocked we’d all probably get along better. “OMG he’s a warmist!” , “It’s a clever distraction.” I thought we were so over marking every piece of sarcasm. You have to read what is being replied to for complete understanding. I see some of the regulars have assumed Antifa patrol for this site and have determined what is acceptable and what isn’t. How veddy left of yew. I’m sure you consider yourselves the keepers of the true faith – you aren’t, some of us have been at for 50+ yrs., ’68 in my case with my first negative interaction with the counterculture, others much longer – and you are just as blind as your liberal counterparts in that you brook no dissent from your ridiculous penile orthodoxy among others. The bad news is that the people you are poking fun at aren’t even listening and if they were they don’t care. They go for that sort of thing anyway so no effect. Thus it all looks a little dumb and not a little fetishistic. Thou all doth protest a little too much, btw. I’ll say it again – I don’t effin’ care but I will, actually did, reserve the right to opine on it. Not here, not any more, too many cops. And the so-called czar – honor, respect, dignity. Mean anything to you? If so, I am truly amazed as you appear to be utterly bereft of any of those qualities but, sadly, you are not alone here. I will dishonor myself one last time and give you a very disrespectful, undignified go defenestrate yourself and be careful handling those buttplugs you fancy, they can go off in your face. Yeah, go ad hominem early. Good tactic, shows careful forethought and consideration of the matter at hand.

    I shan’t darken your door any more and I’ll make AT my home page again. Gets my tea-sippin’ pinky quivering so. The czar made a joke and didn’t even know it. I’m a UTx man. Much umbrage but not enough conviction to vote? What’re you going to do with a real lefty and not one of your homies? Wave suspicious Mooch pix at them? Yeah, yeah, yeah all my fault that I didn’t bend to your will, after all, no principles here, just attention whoring. Saved you the trouble and voted myself off. Dosvedanya, tovarishi.

  65. “The bad news is that the people you are poking fun at aren’t even listening and if they were they don’t care.”
    I know the people I poke fun at don’t care. But there are others that do, and I’ll keep poking fun while those people make up their minds. I don’t want to change your mind, either.

    “They go for that sort of thing anyway so no effect. Thus it all looks a little dumb and not a little fetishistic. Thou all doth protest a little too much, btw.”
    Then he goes on to protest ‘just the right amount’
    Farewell, be good.

  66. @Gojira: Don’t leave us just because your opinions offend some of the readers here. We’ve all had our turn in the Barrel of Disapproval, and most of us have survived it. If this site is to be a true forum of Conservative discourse, then we don’t need to automatically beat down those who dare to deviate from the majority “Party Line”. Otherwise, we will be indistinguishable from the lockstep Leftists.

    FWIW, I respect your views. And I respect your Service.
    And I hope you’ll reconsider your decision to leave, because we need as many on our side as we can get.


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