Parts of Niagara Falls Freeze

Big Government: (Reuters) – The torrent of arctic air that poured into many parts of the United States this week tightened its grip on Friday and brought record cold to some spots, as forecasters warned revelers from Memphis to Maine to expect numbing conditions on New Year’s Eve.

As far south as Charleston, South Carolina, freezing rain coated the city’s landmark church steeples, while a shroud of ice blanketed rock faces next to Niagara Falls as mist from the thundering falls on New York’s border with Canada froze in the bitterly cold air.  continued

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  1. Another year or two of this and the climate scientists will be all over it. I’ll get to relive the 70’s. Had a damn good time then. At least I think I did. Most of it’s a blur.

  2. It’s just a glitch, don’t you know! Just give it six months and the news will be telling us of the record warning during the winter, complete with pictures of surfers going over the falls. NASA has to cook the books to make it an official hot winter. Give them time.

  3. Funny but not accurate….global warming due to our use of fossil fuels is real. Extreme weather such as hurricanes, wild fire, and yes extemely cold temperatures are all consequences of global warming.


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