Pass the Popcorn- BLM plans protest of NYC restaurant after 3 black women tossed for not having vax card – IOTW Report

Pass the Popcorn- BLM plans protest of NYC restaurant after 3 black women tossed for not having vax card

Daily Mail-

  • An Asian host, 24, at the Carmine’s restaurant was punched and beaten by three Texan women after asking them for proof of vaccination
  • Since Thursday’s incident, the women – all of whom are black – said they were racially profiled and called the n-word by someone, although unclear by whom
  • The restaurant has required proof of vaccination from patrons per NYC law 
  • The victim was left with bruises and scratches and transported to the hospital
  • The three women were charged with assault and criminal mischief 
  • The lawyer for the women said the hostess was injured by her coworkers who intervened on her behalf and claimed the hostess was the aggressor 
  • But Carmine’s lawyer has vehemently denied all those claims 
  • Hawk Newsome, a co-founder of Black Lives Matter NY, is backing the Texas women, and says a protest is planned for Monday


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  1. How could you come to NYC and NOT KNOW you needed proof of vax? So I call this BS. My brother has a bar in lower Manhattan. He has survived lockdowns etc. Does not agree with the rules. The board of health has already been there 2x. If the staff doesn’t ask for vax card, $1000 fine for him the first time. $2,000 second time etc. He is already losing money every month because of new taxes, rules etc. Not taking a chance. The inspectors even said to his employee “You gave the right answer” None of these businesses agree, but now that the government has made business “the bad guy”, their hands are tied. DiB is an evil POS and if there is a hell, he better go there!

  2. Sounds like a good time. Throw in NYPD who are notorious for shooting everyone except for who they are aiming at, and things could get heated in a hurry.

  3. Seems like a good place to bring up an Open Letter to Jimmie Kimmel from a doctor who’s had enough!

    Someday, the pandemic will end. Extremist views and actions will make it difficult, if not impossible, to resume civil behavior between Americans who became adversaries during the crisis. Imagine pushing women and children overboard to get the last seat on a Titanic lifeboat, and then trying to meet up with the survivors once back on dry land.

  4. If all businesses stuck together and told the government to shove it, and invite anyone and everyone to come in, government can’t enforce anything. Patrons and businesses unite! Give’em the middle finger! To this day, I refuse to go in to some businesses due to their nit-picky attitude about masks. Trader Joe’s is one of those stores.

  5. Another incident of Asian on Texan Hate crime.

    When are those Texans gonna learn to stand up for themselves and stop letting New York humiliate them?

    I’ll let that joke sink in a bit while Brad cleans the spit off his screen 🙂 !

  6. To Brad:
    My nephew is NYPD. I hope you are being facetious. Do you live in NYC? Have you been spit upon responding to a call? Have you been called every name in the book when merely doing your job? Had your car set on fire while working? NYPD is the most diverse department in the United States. He and his wife love being police officers. 99.9 percent of police are good people. I’m sick of this crap throwing them (NYPD) into mix. (Aside from nephew, long history of NYPD and FDNY on both sides of my family.)

  7. marymcc

    For the most part I’m pro cop. NY city council, a long time ago, decided it would be a brilliant idea to require a 12 pound trigger pull. I’m not sure what the wisdom was in that, but it’s like a garage door spring pull on a gun. I’m reasonably sure that might have something to do with the NYPD “plugging” innocents. But the statistics are available.

  8. marymcc

    Also, just to be clear, no I don’t live there. In fact you wouldn’t catch me dead in that shit hole. For the very reasons you describe.

  9. For every one of these kinds of stories, whether it’s a restaurant brawl, or a violent altercation on an airplane, there is one common denominator. And it isn’t Texans.

  10. I have a friend in British Columbia who works as a bartender. She and other employees refuse to ask for proof of vax. Her employer is all right with it because he knows they will quit if forced to do so.

  11. Another asian on black crime,tell me it ain’t so! Also marymcc you had me on your side until “they are the most diverse”, that tells me just how crappy they really are.

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