Paul Joseph Watson- Portland is a $hit*%le

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  1. Spot on! I avoid Portland whenever possible. We used to visit a couple times/year and did a lot of our Christmas shopping there. Portland is a disgusting shithole fit only for progs to wallow in their own shit and piss in.

  2. Liberalism kills.

    Just ask Weimar Germany. That’s about where we are. The Nazis –
    even without the help of soros and the NY times – were abLe to seize germany.

    But Trump isn’t hindenberg.

    Prepare. The worst is yet to come.

  3. We lived in Aloha when I was little, but we would drive to Portland to see family and my dad worked there.

    Didn’t seem so disgusting back then, but that was back in 1999.

  4. Daughter lives in Hillsdale, she really, really wants to move to the triangle, in NC.
    Her husband, an Intel rockstar, is tired of it as well.

  5. @ OTD,
    NC’s “triangle” is a socialist haven, simply hasn’t degenerated to the depths of Portland, San Fran and LA…… yet.
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  6. Portland, Maine is on their way there too.
    They are going to build a shelter with 200 beds.

    Liberals love to kill off their own cities and towns.

  7. Seattle is making plans for over 200,000 low income and homeless housing units in the future. I’m not making that up.

    Do the Socialist Utopians know something we don’t?

    Seriously, Seattle is going crash SO HARD during the next financial crisis. Maybe that’s it… hundreds of thousands of Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Aldus, Boeing and other workers walking the streets of Seattle with no money, no jobs and no place to go.

    I need a different State to retire in.

    NO! My brother lives in Jville! I love him and do not want radiation to get to him! Send a few battleships ; let their 16″ cannon pound Portland for a few hrs. It will be dust + ashes – but no radiation.
    I know loving my brothers + sister is a xenophobic, racist act. SO WHAT!

  9. Hey Paul,

    I hope you surf IOTW,

    Please check out a ‘old’ movie called My Own Private Idaho and the first ten minutes in the movie, the journey starts out in Portland, Ore.

    This weirdness has been going on for a loooong time…

    To use a word from the ‘Keep Portland Weird’ slogan??

    That was a WEIRD movie, 1991 – almost thirty years old.

    I was in Portland for the first time in ’85 and knew it was a weird city compared to NYC.

    There was really nothing special about it then and there is CERTAINLY nothing special about it now.

    River Phoenix cut his chops, and other things, in this movie.


  10. Some of these Poopland maggots are moving north to Seattle which offers multiple safe injection sites for intravenous drug abusers.

  11. I am sooooo glad I left that *bleep*-hole 15 years ago with my family. Got out while the getting was good.

    The LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ crowd moved in from Californicastan and it was going to Hell then. Looks like the conversion is complete…

  12. It just makes me sick to see what has happened to my home town.
    It took 30 years to turn it in to what it now is,how can any other city hold on for long, they are all moving into your city. Just watch as it will happen to your city.
    Vancouver BC, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, the crown jewels of the west coast all shit holes now,very sad.

  13. Geoff, I recently moved to Las Vegas.
    It is so starkly different than cities in the South.
    The homeless, the filth, the angry people, the despair, the leftism.
    It is sad to see that the disease starts in the West…heading East.

  14. Interesting video.

    The policy of the city set the tone and while I remember houseless runaway youth and recently out of prison parolees, as well as train hopper during the 1970’s, there was a distinct zone of where the folks lived. Now that we have a couple of generation of houseless mentally ill, drug addicts, sexual deviants, gangs and underemployment adding in the mix folks that are normal stuck in a cycle of houselessness. The same issues are in other areas such as Ashland, Eugene, Arcata Ca, Chico, Sacrmento and the SF Bay area.In Eureka CA there is a pro needle advocacy group and thesurge in newly arrived drug addicts skyrocketed with needle give away. It is supposed to be an exchange but ended up being thousands of more needs stuck everywhere. What is the solution?

  15. I live in a suburb of Portland (Beaverton), but do go into Portland occasionally. It’s amazing how Portland has degenerated in the 20 years I have lived here. Blame it all on the liberals/progressives. They are ruining the west coast. Most of Oregon (other than Portland/Salem/Eugene) is made up of conservative, kind, principled people. But those who get into power ruin a good thing. And ‘sanctuary city’ status does not help matters.

  16. Those cities are breeding grounds for some nasty diseases! That is what is going to depopulate the cities. I just hope it doesn’t spread!

  17. @Karen: You are right. I am about 275 miles south of PDX, but even down here it is changing. Getting Bluer every year. Now that marijuana is legal, the dirtbags are flocking here in mass. Fewer and fewer places to escape to.

  18. I am currently living in beautiful downtown Portland within walking distance of my work. I love the convenience of being able to just get up in the morning and:

    *Put my rubber boots on so when I step in human s**t its easy to hose off.

    *Doing impromptu short morning sprints getting out of the way of Subaru’s and Volvos trying to run me over in a pedestrian marked cross walk. (Trucks seem to stop. Wonder if that means anything?)

    *Exercise my eyes before I get to the office by focusing on the sea of spent hypodermic needles on the sidewalks,

    *Strapping on my concealed carry in preparation for those unsolicited daily stabbings from our Homeless, Drug Dealers and Antifa whom are all encouraged by our mayor whom also directs our police to stand down and only harass tax paying law abiding citizens (He’s a real piece of work).

    *And being reminded to check my white privilege by real white privileged non productive common core educated idiots….. for just having a good attitude.

    So if you want to see an alternate universe where up is down, right is wrong and justice dose not prevail, be sure to make Portland your next stop! Its a sanctuary city 🙂

    A REAL S**T WHOLE!!!!

  19. The old time Portlanders cannot even believe what has happened to Portland.It took about 18 years to destroy Portland. NO one goes downtown, it is place you avoid .
    Portland has crime, homelessness, tent cities
    and panhandling. Downtown next to the station there
    is big homeless camp with big rats scurrying around and human waste seriously disgusting, smells like an open sewage which poses serious health risks. There are homeless camps all over the city Air quality in NW is so bad this doctor told me his patients were all getting sick in NW downtown from the poor air quality they all moved from there. Some business are leaving downtown because the homeless have attacked customers and employees.
    Some people have been jumped and robbed, it is dangerous!Portland has become a total freak show, it is a national embarassement . We just stay in our suburb, thinking it is time to move to the countryside

  20. IF YOU ACT LIKE A VICTIM YOU WILL EVENTUALLY BE VICTIMIZED. That cuck is no more than an adult Soy Boy, who is so emotionally weak he would stick with a bad situation rather than move on in his life. How pathetic !

    Tell your bitch to FO if she desires another dick under the covers.

  21. I prior found Portland is on volcanic lava / Via Wikipedia Rocky Butte (category Geography of Portland, Oregon)
    cinder cone butte in Portland, Oregon, United States. It is also part of the Boring Lava Field, a group of volcanic vents and lava flows throughout Oregon
    38 KB (4,385 words) – 17:41, 7 November 2018

  22. Lots of CLUSTER housing (condo types) being built in and near central Connecticut (almost completed..just needs the siding). Yesterday we saw many being built and many already recently built and finished. I believe they are actually called Cluster Cities. Huge.

    These cluster cities are not being built for Americans.
    Hey, at least we’ll know where to find the enemies within.

    Keep your eyes open and keep yourselves knowledgeable. It’ll come in very handy when the sht hits the fan.

    Also note where all the mosques are (the new armories hidden within).

  23. i’m from Brazil,and it’s so sad to see this because i love too much USA, i adore americans. just a reminder: this is a communist soviet strategy that took place in Portland, the four stages of subversion that Yuri Bezmenov warned us!

  24. World War II after the invasion of Poland and the Soviet Union was really bad, turned out terrible.

    But – during the decadence of the Weimar Republic – same as Portland now, positive forms of Fascism, National Socialism worked, they were needed to take back the street from these degenerates. You can not confront or defeat Antifa or the worst forms of sexual perversion with economic Conservatism or just Christians praying, let alone Cuckservatives, Conservative Incs who will never do anything about Antifa and will throw any of us like the Proud Boys who fight back. Yeah, we need bikers to contest the street.


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