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Paul Ryan is proving to be all talk — and no action

NYP: Now that President Trump has survived his first 100 days, a burning question in Washington is whether House Speaker Paul Ryan will survive the second 100 days. A miracle might be needed.

Ryan’s repeated inability to pass anything resembling a repeal of ObamaCare goes beyond simple failure. It’s shaping up as a potential disaster for the Trump presidency and the GOP congressional majority.

With every Republican talking about little else for seven years, and with Trump in the White House, producing a repeal-and-replace bill should have been relatively low-hanging fruit.

But Friday’s second collapse of the effort suggests Ryan can’t deliver the GOP’s majority caucus. And if he can’t deliver it to drive a stake in ObamaCare, why should anyone think he can deliver it for tax reform or immigration, both of which will be even more contentious among Republicans?

And if he can’t deliver his majority for anything significant, why is he the speaker?  more here

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  1. Ryan lost me when he allowed one of the biggest fools in Washington (Joe Biden) to make a fool of him in the 2012 VP debate by making faces, and using words like “Malarkey” and “full of stuff”.
    The spineless Ryan was dumbfounded, instead of calling Biden out on his adolescent behavior.

    Ryan never wanted Trump to win, and now he’s proving it again. He needs to be removed as leader, and done before his constituents, many who voted for Trump, remove him from office next election. He’s a weak loser who’s been bought and sold the lobbyists who put him in office!

  2. Paul Ryan’s only value was in knowing how things worked BT (Before Trump). The articles in the conservative treehouse last week did a good job of describing the old system of lobbyists and cronies, followed by the complete lack of preparedness for a Trump presidency. Not to put too fine a point on it, Ryan is now worse than useless.

  3. I get Trumps management style. Deligate, make them assume responsibility. But for the life of me, I can’t understand why he hasn’t cut this dead loser loose. He totally ineffectual. But then again Trumps a lot smarter than me, sooner or later the shits gotta come down though.

  4. time to grab the bull by the tail & face the situation
    Republicans are not your friends. they are worse than the demonRats. at least you know where you stand w/ the demonRats
    Republicans are just as ‘establishment’ as the demonRats … they want NOTHING to change … they just pretend they are on our side.
    Trump is their enemy. we are their enemy
    look how hard they are resisting repealing gubmint-run health care … look how hard they are fighting against The Wall (they prattle on about a Trillion dollar ‘Infrastructure Bill’ but can’t find a few billion to start a wall?; something stinks along the Potomac!)… even Texas senators are fighting against the wall!!!
    …& don’t even get me started on the Budget Kabuki Theater
    Ryan & all of them deserve nothing but scorn

  5. I don’t think that he can’t. I think that he won’t for personal GOPe reasons and his delusion that he can become President. He’s a disgusting and dishonest as McCain, Graham, McCarthy, Rubio, Flake and the rest of the myriad (r) betrayers.

  6. ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ / Uncle Al.

    Not necessarily. Timing is everything. Trumps gotta know Ryan’s out for him. Those pictures of him standing behind Trump with the dagger eyes are all over the Internet. Trumps far from stupid. Far from intuitive. One thing Trump is not is a bull in a China closet. Even though the liberal press would love to paint him that way.

  7. He is speaker because most in the House do not want ANY change and neither does he. They put him there to cover their slimey, swampy cracks and he will take the heat from the citizens all the way to the bank. There is a lot of insider money to be made by congress, former aids, and lobbyists via o care.

  8. Uncle Al, those were eye openers. CTH was rolling this week. LIke jailhouse rock on how to pass a bill, only a lot more informative.

  9. He, and many others are part of the New World Establishment Uniparty system.

    That is the system where WE work for THEM, and pay for the privilege.

    All we can do is save ammo, food, and prepare for the inevitable collapse.

  10. Just put him and his cohorts on obutthole care and see how long it takes to reject that piece of shit.

  11. If the swamp gets drained Ryan and his pals will be among the casualties. Damn sure hope to see it.

  12. Said it before, and some here still disagree, but I stopped trusting him when he posed for that queer beefcake workout spread. Vanity, arrogance, shallowness, lack of dignity and propriety, it was all there. Once I saw that, nothing he’s done (or not done) has suprised me.

  13. His wife is a millionaire Democrat lobbyist. He is the ultimate rino. POTUS needs to cut him loose.

  14. Hey Paul, the House, under your “leadership” passed several repeal bills, didn’t they?. Pick one, any one, and send it to the Senate and POTUS. “Replace”, if you wish, but that’s a separate thing. Failure to “replace”, whatever that means, is no excuse for failure to repeal.

    What? Those bills were just meaningless posturing? You don’t say.

  15. He’s the big gator in his part of the swamp and he’s a vicious cannibal if you attempt to oppose him.

    If Ryan is opposed, NRCC money, PAC money, committee assignments, insider meetings and photo ops will disappear from your daily and weekly agenda. More than likely you won’t be reelected.

    Whatever it takes to maintain control of the majority RINO block of Representatives who will continue to support Ryan for the reasons of self preservation, influence, relevancy and power.

  16. I beg to differ.
    Obstruction and sabotage are not “failures” or “inabilities.”
    Mr. Ryan is quite adept at what he does. That he is a traitor to his constituency, his Party, and the United States, is absolutely beyond doubt.
    The fact that he was re-elected, both to the House and to the Speakership, is a resounding testimonial to his political abilities.

    izlamo delenda est …

  17. 1st funding bill clears. Chuck Schumer is running the Republican party. No Wall funding yet we are still funding planned parenthood (murder of babies)and sanctuary cities. Wow that’s great excellent accomplishment
    Paul Ryan. TRUMP call him out NOW!

  18. The budget betrayal is all Ryan’s fault. President Not-Hillary should be kicking his butt; as a businessman, he’s written budgets before; he should himself write a budget and cram it down Ryan’s throat. That’s what we elected him for, isn’t it.

    Well, IS’T IT?

  19. I haven’t yet decided the best way to respond to the emails I started receiving two weeks ago asking for money to support “Team Ryan” or the “Republican Victory Fund”. Gee PR, I really don’t see any GOP victory with Team Ryan

  20. If PDT does not veto this budget he has joined(or reverted back to) the ones that his voters were voting against.

  21. Nancy Pelosi 2.0
    Thought we would drain the swamp, and maybe build a wall not praise a pos like this

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