People ask, “How do politicians become rich in office?” – Here’s how!

Secret Empires, by Peter Schweitzer, will infuriate you. It will also explain why Trump infuriates politicians and pundits. While Trump “drains the swamp” he is killing the golden goose.

People like corrupt Dick Durbin, whose extended family are employed as lobbyists, has benefitted from shady deals. They all have, left and right.

The amount of vitriol for Trump from the right-wing #NeverTrump movement was never proportionate considering the man’s right-wing policies. It just had to mean someone was losing a boatload of money. Only casheesh does that to evil scumbags.

Turns out this is precisely what is going on. Trump’s trade reform pursuits are going to get him shot, that’s how much is at stake. The scum in the swamp have sold off America to communist regimes in order to line their own pockets, and it happens all the time.

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6 Comments on People ask, “How do politicians become rich in office?” – Here’s how!

  1. I think pretty much all of us here already knew that was happening, which was why Trump won the election.

  2. Trump was the first candidate who didn’t need to feather his bed for a post-presidency because of his age and his bank account.
    That’s what scared the shit out of the creatures from the Black Lagoon, Eddie Munster and Yurtle the Majority Leader–he means what he says, and he acts on keeping promises.

  3. If the Left truly paid attention they would hate big government (aka: the political class) as much as we Conservatives do.
    Too bad they are blind to reality.

  4. Start with basics for getting ahead in office: lying, cheating, stealing.
    Multiple sources of revenue can be developed by the careful application of those three tenants.

  5. The voting records on the “STOCK” Act tells you everything you need to know about our elected officials.

    “The STOCK Act is an original bill to prohibit members of Congress and employees of Congress from using private information derived from their official positions for personal benefit, and for other purposes. With this bill in place, members of Congress are no longer allowed to use information garnered through official business for personal reasons. The Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge (STOCK) Act prohibits members and employees of Congress from using “any nonpublic information derived from the individual’s position… or gained from performance of the individual’s duties, for personal benefit.” The bill also applies to all employees in the Executive and Judicial branches of the federal government.”

    The STOCK Act was modified on April 15, 2013, by S.716. This amendment modifies the online disclosure portion of the STOCK Act, so that some officials, but not the President, Vice President, Congress, or anyone running for Congress, can no longer file online and their records are no longer easily accessible to the public. In Section (a)2, the amendment specifically does not alter the online access for trades by the President, The Vice President, Congress, or those running for Congress.[11] The reasoning for this change was to prevent criminals from gaining access to the financial data and using it against affected persons. This bill was introduced by Senator Harry Reid on April 11, 2013. It was considered by the Senate and passed by unanimous consent. In the house, S.716 received only 14 seconds before being passed by unanimous consent.[12]


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