Schlichter: Don’t Go To College

Townhall: “Higher education” is terrible.

Please note the quotation marks, you doofy liberals who will no doubt fill the comments with high-pitched typing about how “Conservatives hate knowing stuff.” What passes for “education” today is nothing of the sort, and what calls itself “academia” is really just a venal trade guild packed with mediocrities desperately trying to keep fooling people into forking over $60,000 a year – usually obtained via ruinous borrowing that ties a financial anchor around the defrauded grads’ necks for the rest of their lives.

Today, academia’s product is largely garbage – gender studies, twisted history, and pointless sociology spin-offs like communications and political science. Yeah, we need more students studying politics when they don’t even know that the Constitution says they can’t shut people up because their feelz has got the hurtz.

Sure, the STEM fields produce a few grads who are going to be more than mere cogs in the corporate machine like their marketing major pals, and some STEM research is useful, but don’t think STEM is immune from academia’s endemic idiocy. Why, the latest thing is how science is racist because…well, probably because these hacks say everything is racist and the weak-willed gutless wonders of America’s faculty are too scared to stand up and say, “Uh no, that’s stupid and it’s not a thing and stop it.”  more here

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  1. I spent over 6 six years teaching at a for-profit school (a miserable working environment) and very few of my students ended up with criminal justice jobs. But they all got about $30,000 debt for an associates degree. Then I worked in a non-teaching role at a standard liberal arts college, where the students were getting jacked for almost $200,000 for a bachelors, and it really was a liberal indoctrination camp.

  2. Don’t go to college and work in a McDonald’s when you are 40. Bad advice.

    Go to a state university for a STEM field study and graduate relatively debt free (paid of in 2 years w/ a STEM salary). Make your liberal arts electives Econ and Tech Writing and avoid the Marxist indoctrination.

  3. Without a doubt, the dumbest people I’ve ever known were college grads. Also, the smartest person I ever knew – my father, had to leave school in the sixth grade, to support his family during the great depression. I now realize that college grads may be smart about the particular field they studied, but are almost totally lost when it comes to common sense.

  4. Ejumakayshun is what you make of it. Collej mostly taught me, how to look for a REAL education. 😳

    But at least I learned THAT much; today’s grads… ??? 😕

  5. I agree with the writer. I’m an Air Force veteran that used my GI benefits to earn a BBA. The original GI bills wanted to help veterans to becime educated upon discharge. I’m a big believer in trade schools by the way. Met too many young college graduates who have a hard time paying their college debt. I’m very grateful that I’ve able to earn a good income and help my daughter get through a state university with no debt!

  6. Our bright and beautiful granddaughter figured this one out on her own despite the impassioned pleas and begging by her HS teachers who wanted her to join them in relative penury and durance vile. She went to cosmetology school, graduated at or near the top of her class and already is working in an upscale salon getting good tips and clients who ask for her. VERY little debt too.

  7. most schools, especially if out of state, are over $60k a year or A QUARTER MILLION DOLLARS MINIMUM. Having seen the indoctrination first hand to my kids, I wish I had just said community college or nothing. It is nothing short of a total waste of time with classes with absurd titles where they spew liberal socialist nonsense. I believe Rule #6 from Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals……

  8. I once had the H.R. Director ask me why I didn’t have a P.E. stamp? So I asked “would my job change?”
    “Would you pay me more for doing my job?”
    “Well then, I’m going to lunch see you later”


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