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Perry Should Be At the Front of the Pack

Kevin Williamson makes an excellent case for former Governor Rick Perry (TX-R) to be the Presidential candidate for the Republican party. He can stake the claim to the best performance of any state during the Obama Era of economic disaster. He has solid credentials as a conservative governor who solves fiscal problems by cutting government rather than finding more ways to stick it to the tax payer.


Perry knows his foreigners- from serving overseas as a C-130 pilot to trying to stem the flood of illegals into his state.


Perhaps most enduring is Perry’s willingness to reclaim the historic civil rights record of the Republican party that was always fighting to free the black man, only to watch so many choose to reinslave themselves to the Welfare State created by the Democrats.

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  1. Please do not believe the Perry hype! During Perry’s reign, the size and cost of Texas government doubled! And most do not know that Rick Perry was Al Gore’s top campaign guy in Texas. That’s right, Perry was a Democrat before Texas turned Red.

    Saying Perry is responsible for Texas’ success is like saying the guy who invented the internet is responsible for the success of iotwReport. Texas has a weak Governor seat and a broom could have done everything Perry did (except double the expense and size of state gov’t and try to make it mandatory for elementary aged girls get anti-STD vaccines).

    And lastly, as he illustrated perfectly the last time he ran, he is not bright. If you like George W Bush, you’ll love Perry. I can’t stand either of those big-government moderates!


  2. Well put dude! You said it better than I could. Right now it’s Trump or bust for me… Single issue voter, legal and illegal immigration needs to be halted and Trymp is the only one that how’s tge will to do that, that alone would solve half of every issue facing our country. BTW Dude, I haven’t missed an article on you’re site since I sarted reading it in January of 2012, keep up the good work and keep raggin on that mumble mouth BFH! LOL

  3. IDK….I remember Perry’s disastrous performance at a debate last time around. I think he said he was on drugs for some medical reason, but if he can’t drop out of a debate while on drugs, I sure don’t want him playing catch with the nuclear football.

  4. I won’t vote for him since he allowed islamic doctrine to be part of the public school curriculum.

    He got screaming flack for that and he turned an about face. Think he would do that as president? I don’t think so.

  5. Yep, and don’t forget the “transTexas Corridor” shove foreign goods up the center of the country like an enema.

    Perry is an “ex” Democrat, and the governor of Texas has very little to do with the economy.

    Texas is a success precisely because state government is so small, and Perry did, indeed grow it.

  6. My local am talker absolutely destroyed GoodHairs performance on Fox last week (or maybe Monday) it was Bret Baiers show that put him in the hotseat with four foxers drilling him.

    Score another one for commies and libertarians telling actual conservative who to vote for.

  7. I just heard as much as I could stand of
    Perry’s speech last week before the Nat’nl Press Club on Cspan Radio. He started with a very detailed description of a lynching of a black man who admitted a sex crime in Texas that happened 99 years ago.
    99. Freaking. Years.
    A pointless gesture to blacks who won’t vote for him, while smearing old blood, and long buried with the dead antagonisms around for any cheap vote he can grasp.
    After hearing that, I’ll stay home if he wins the General.

  8. What Claudia said. That Sharia doctrine bullshit reaaaally bugs me.
    And he was doing that long before he got caught. You wanna know more about it? Ask Pamela Geller and Trevor Loudon.

    I don’t want him anywhere near the Whitehouse. Not even for a nap in the Lincoln bedroom. And that’s all I have to say about that.
    I’m out. *Vegas hands*

  9. Perry is the best of the establishment candidates. However, he is bought by big business and therefore part of the immigration is the backbone of America crowd. No thanks. Immigration must be ended for one or two generations and the Mexican peasants must self deport. No more benefits of any kind. Make the aliens pay for every government service. Those who can, stay and those who can’t will go home.

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