If a 2 year-old insists they’re a sea turtle, do you cast them into the ocean?

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  1. Yes, absolutely. My three year old grandson currently thinks he’s a t-rex, so my daughter is arranging to have his arms shortened and his jaws extended. The dino colored tattoos will have to be filled in continuously as he grows, but it’s doable. They’ll also lengthen the tail as he grows.

    How can we deny his expression of the true inner dinosaur? Don’t you see how cruel it would be for him to have to act like a human boy when inside, he is the terrible dinosaur king? S/

  2. I am a mother of six children, there is no way a child that young dreams that up. These parents should be investigated for child abuse

  3. What if the little boy wants to be a chocolate starfish? Is that ok?

    This is why I scream that NPR needs to be unfunded by taxpayers dollars! Also, the Koch brothers need to quit giving them truckloads of cash…it ain’t helping anybody!

    It used to be that rump rangers had to do their thing behind 4 walls, and you could pray in public…now you have to keep your religion behind 4 walls, and rump rangers have sanctioned parades in the streets. This has happened because we have let “little” things slide by because liberals scream “Hate” or “bigot” or whatever!

    This crap needs to stop!

    (Oh, and I too like the little mermaid…she has nice …)

  4. What do I do? I’m 21 years old but my drivers license says I’m 58 so the cops don’t believe me!!

    It’s not fair!

  5. Parents are encouraged to promote this type of abuse on a pre-schooler but get investigated or even arrested for letting older kids go to the playground by themselves.

    What an upside down world we’re living in. 🙁

    Agree that NPR and PBS need to be defunded.

  6. Yes, PBS too! I was thinking about the new show PBS is airing soon about trans kids, and mixed it up with NPR, and I am not sure if the Koch brothers also fund NPR, but they do fund PBS. but they are one and the same!

    Just. Stop. It.

  7. They seem to be a lot like the the Trumpster – give to the Dem Party to get what you need when YOUR party is OUT of office.

  8. He can take down goats and small sheep. Once he starts roaring, they freeze and he stomps them.

  9. What a strange time to live in.
    Some people with disorders like gender identity disorder are encouraged to act out their symptoms.
    They are brave, and are lauded as pillars of society
    But schizophrenics whose voices tell them to chop up the neighbors are locked up and drugged
    Both are disorders with powerful symptoms.
    One is to maim the neighbors
    The other is to maim yourself

  10. Leftist parents are making their children sacrificial lambs for a sick ideology. Some parents will regret throwing their children on the altar of perversion, because the results are devastating and deadly.

  11. Hyphenated family; the Carter-Christians. When does Jackie start tanning to be trans-race. Is it me, or does Mr. Christian look creepy?

  12. In the stories like this I’ve seen thus far, I notice a couple of constants. The “confused” little boy has an older sister or sisters, and the parents are brain dead, liberal / progressive, hedonistic morons with the mother seeming to be an overbearing, navel gazing whack job.

    Romans Chapter 1, verses 18 – 32 diagnoses the problem quite accurately.

  13. That is flat out the best rejoiner to this nonsense and public delusion that I have heard anyone come up with yet. That is most definitely a keeper.

  14. I can remember a time when I was very serious about wanting to be a shark when I grew up. My parents talked me out of it by convincing me to become a lawyer, whatever that was.

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